What interesting in Andorra

In the capital of Andorra la Vella, tourists will be interested in the old Barri Atik district with ancient stone houses and cobbled streets. Here is the residence of the government "House of the Valleys", which was built finally by 1702, and before that in 1580 it was conceived as a palace for one of the local rich families. Nearby you can see the only courthouse - Sala de la Giustisia, Sala del Consell - the Parliament building - where the Philatelic Museum is located. In the cultural center of the city - Plaza la Noble - various festivals and cultural events are held. Here are the State Theater and the Academy of Music.

Not far from the capital is the village of Ordino with the ethnographic house-museum of the Areni-Plandolit family. In the town Encamp is worth a visit to the National Automobile Museum with old cars from the 19th and 20th centuries, motorbikes and bicycles, as well as the ancient area of Aglesia San Roma de le Bons with ancient Roman architecture, where you can see frescoes of the 12th century.

Interesting excursions to Spanish and French cities. One of them is the Spanish city of Seo de Urgell (9 km from Andorra ), where the bishop co-ruler of Andorra lives. Here you will find the Romanesque Cathedral of St. Mary, which was built in the 12th century. Inside it is a museum with a collection of frescoes, bibles, altar ornaments and a rare exhibit - the thousand-year-old Beatus - an illustrated manuscript with a description of the Apocalypse.

180 km from the capital of Andorra The French student city of Toulouse is located. The main town square houses the 18th-century town hall and the Opera du Capitole. Be sure to stroll through the quiet Old Quarter with the magnificent Cathedral of St. Sernin, which was built in the 11th century, the Cathedral of Our Lady, made in the Gothic style, and the Jacobin Church, where the remains of St. Thomas Aquinas are stored. Near the village of Llorts there is a group of lakes Estanis del Angonella, the top of the Borda de Sorteni with a height of 1970 m and the peak of Del Estany with a height of 2915 m.

How said in Andorra visit guide country is located in southwest Europe between Spain and France. This is a small country, its area is 468 square meters. km 90% of its territory is occupied by the Eastern Pyrenees. The highest point is the peak of Coma Pedrosa (2947 m), the rest is high mountain valleys 900-3000 m high. The rivers Valira, Ordino, Ariezh, Fontargent, Ransol, Tristaina and Arinsal flow along Andorra. On the mountain slopes there are many glacial lakes and sources of thermal and mineral waters.

Cimate in Andorra

The climate in Andorra is quite mild due to the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea. From all sides the country is surrounded by the Pyrenees, which protects it from the cold northerly winds. In summer, the daytime air temperature reaches +20 .. + 22 degrees, at night there is about 10 degrees of heat. In winter, during the ski season, during the daytime, the air warms up to 8..10 degrees Celsius, and night frosts reach -3 degrees. The rainiest month is May, it rains a lot in autumn, and in winter snowfalls are frequent. On average, from 700 to 1000 mm of precipitation falls annually.

Best time to visit:
The best time to go to the ski resorts is December to mid-April.

Types of Tourism in Andorra


Andorra is one of the most popular winter destinations, it is famous for its ski resorts with well-equipped slopes and developed infrastructure. In winter, there is almost always sunny weather, and the surrounding nature, combined with clean mountain air, will help to restore strength. The season begins in December and ends in mid-April. The main resorts of Andorra are Soldeu el Tarter, Pas de la Casa Grau Roch, Pal Arinsal, Ordino Arcalis, Escaldes and Encamp.


Located at heights of up to 2800m and more suitable for intermediate skiers. The resort is located on the northern slopes, so the snow cover lasts much longer than in other resorts. The height difference here is 680 m. In the local "Snow Park" with a half-pipe, you can go snowboarding.

Pal Arinsal is the Andorran resort closest to the capital (10 km). This is a single complex of two ski centers, the height difference within which exceeds 1000 m. In this resort by 2005-2006. two new chairlifts will be installed - a six-seat lift will replace the Les Fonts lift, and a four-seat lift will replace La Tossa. A new conveyor lift will appear in the skiing zone for beginners, and the zone itself will increase by 50%. A new covered parking for 600 cars will also be opened.

Pas de la Casa Grau Roch - the largest, most popular and highest mountain resort of Andorra. It is also considered the most extreme, as it has rather steep descents. By the beginning of the 2005-2006 season.

Soldeu el Tarter is suitable for beginner skiers, because there are many ski schools and slopes mostly gentle. Many young people rest here. By the 2005-2006 season The resort will open a conveyor lift for beginners.

In Grandvalira, a ski area that combines the resorts of Pas de la Casa Grau Roig and Soldeu El Tarter, since 2005 you can book and buy ski passes online.

Cross country skiing is best done in La Rabassa. A wide plain ski and sleigh rides are ideal for a relaxing family holiday.

Not far from the capital is Escaldes. In addition to skiing, you can visit the water center of Caldea, where geysers, a steam shower, a cascade of four pools with a hydromassage, water games, a sauna, Indo-Romanesque baths, a solarium, a gym, a jacuzzi, massage rooms and tennis courts will help you regain your strength.


Andorra - is a duty-free zone, so many tourists come here to shop and purchase quality goods at low prices, 25-40% cheaper than in Spain or France . In spring and autumn, mass sales take place, where discounts are available. Mostly they buy alcohol, perfumes, cosmetics, watches and ski equipment.

An extensive commercial center has been formed in the capital of the country, it is located on three avenues. The best stores are Andorra 2000, El Punt de Trobada, Escale, and Pyrenees Shopping Center.