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Moosletter - E4 December 2018
Dear Friends of Mootral,
We hope you’ve had a great year – we realise we’ve been quiet, but we have been pretty busy; our organisation has evolved, our business model has been fine-tuned to fit our current landscape, and we successfully completed an extensive, large-scale pilot project in real farm conditions to show that our product really delivers. Now we are sure that we can truly be part of the climate solution.
We have quite the ambitious to-do list for 2019 too, so please, stay tuned and get ready!
A header in its own right, we were so happy to be a part of the discussions at COP to truly focus in on the solution and make it clear to the industry, just where Mootral fits in and how. All in all, we felt talks were going in the right direction with agriculture finally being a part of discussion but there is so much more work to do. With your support, we must advocate to make climate-smart agriculture a part of every country's objectives.
SACRAMENTO, USA – California is the leading state worldwide in the development of innovative and sustainable dairy farm practices: reducing methane emissions, protecting air and water quality, producing clean, renewable energy, and conserving resources through increased efficiency.
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HANNOVER, GERMANY – Exhibitors from over 50 different countries presented innovations for cattle, pig and poultry farming to more than 150,000 visitors. It shone the spotlight on aquaculture, sheep and goat rearing as well as livery yards. As the leading trade fair in its sector, EuroTier provided a comprehensive overview of innovative technologies, services and genetics for modern animal husbandry.
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We are in the process of unveiling our brand new Mootral Blog where we will aim to bring in topical thought leadership in and around our industry. We hope to bring in monthly experts to present their views and visions in their line of work and how it pertains to GHG emissions in agriculture today. For now, please have a sneak peak at our maiden article and don't be shy to share or come back to us with your views!
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We kept our promise, our website is now also available in German. This is our first site translation but certainly not our last. Today, with a lot of partners in Switzerland and Germany, it simply made sense to start with German.
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“If cattle were a nation they would rank third in GHG emissions”
Gatesnotes: Climate change and the 75% problem
“Your vote sets the policies and the trajectory of our common future – in essence it is your engagement with the farming story that shapes our industry and the world in which we live.”
Farmers are key to a better future, Anika Molesworth , TEDxYouth@Sydney
“When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, we can’t just take our foot off the accelerator; we have to slam on the brakes.”
Vox Report: We have just 12 years to limit devastating global warming
“And why should I be studying for a future that soon may be no more, when no one is doing anything to save that future?”
Medium: Greta Thunberg speech to UN secretary general António Guterres
Application of Mootral Reduces Methane Production by Altering the Archaea Community in the Rumen Simulation Technique | frontiers in Microbiology
Die klimafreundliche Kuh (subtitled) | ZDF
Der Stall von morgen | NDR
Could Mootral be silver bullet? | Irish Examiner
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MOOTRAL is an AgriTech company based in Switzerland that develops innovative solutions for companies and governments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the agricultural sector.
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