Mootral is a product laying the groundwork for the future of food, agriculture and the climate by acknowledging the realities of today and equipping communities for the needs of tomorrow.

Our Mission
We strive to offer consumers more choice and to enable farmers to earn more money by launching climate-friendly beef and dairy products from cows that produce at least 30% less methane. We believe that supporting real livestock farming, which converts biomass like grass into essential nutrients, results in a better product than producing fake meat in a lab and it empowers consumers to contribute to positive environmental change through the purchases they are already making. As a sustainable solution, Mootral aims to establish the “climate-friendly” label as the new standard in conscious consumption.
Recent Events
Farm For Ch4nge Tour

Further demonstrating that Mootral is a solution for everyone from producers to chefs to consumers, from Nov 13 -15, the Mootral Farm For Ch4nge tour took a food truck to the streets and businesses of Los Angeles to serve tacos using Climate-Smart beef from locally raised cattle fed Mootral. With a one-of-a-kind recipe designed by Top Chef Winner, Michael Voltaggio, carnivores and herbivores alike gathered to learn more about sustainable livestock agriculture and how Mootral reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Watch the tour recap here

Mootral and celebrity chef Meta Hiltebrand hosted Germany´s first climate-friendly beef dinner

On October 24th, representatives from German media, trade associations and retailers met at the first climate-friendly beef dinner in Berlin. Beef (from climate-smart cows) was cooked by star chef Meta Hiltebrand. The Director of the Institute for Physiology at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Breves, talked about the science behind Mootral, a natural feed supplement which reduces greenhouse gas emissions in cows by at least 30%. See the video.

Kuhlicious Tour

Bringing Mootral to the people, the Kuhlicious Tour took a food truck to the hotspots, streets and businesses of Germany to serve climate-friendly burgers from cattle fed with Mootral. With a unique recipe, designed by the iconic Berlin-based TV-chefs from Kochbox and prepared together with German celebrity chefs, consumers could enjoy a delicious burger and learn about how Mootral reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Watch the tour recap here.

Mootral publishes scientific poster at IDF World Dairy Summit

At the IDF World Dairy Summit Mootral presented a poster, which explained the impact of its proprietary natural compound NX-RH- 201 on the quality of milk. This compound, also known as Mootral, increases productivity and quality of milk while at the same time reducing methane emission from cows by at least 30%. The trial was conducted under real-life circumstances at a commercial farm with 22 Friesland cows.

Moos Flash
Latest news from the company
California makes first sales of Mootral Climate-Smart beef to the public

For the first time globally, consumers are able to purchase Climate-Smart beef from cattle fed with Mootral, reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Sales of the beef take place at the UC Davis meat store in Davis, CA beginning from December and continuing through January of next year while stock lasts.

Mootral continues to recruit “showcase farms”

Mootral is always seeking to expand its network and partnerships. To make our impact count, we are selecting pioneering “show case farms” in Europe and the US. If you are interested in finding out more, drop us an email at:

Press Coverage
Tages-Anzeiger | The Billion-Dollar Business With Burping Cows

Mootral named as a leading company in the field of methane gas reduction by cattle, more effective than competitor products.

Fast Company | This New Probiotic Makes Cow Burps Less Damaging To The Climate

Mootral is tackling one of the biggest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions: livestock flatulence.

Farmers Weekly | Feed Supplement That Cuts Livestock Methane Emissions Launched

The article explains that with Mootral real beef becomes climate-friendly.

Clean Plates | A More Environmentally Conscious Beef?

Eat beef, it’s full of B vitamins and iron. Don’t eat beef, it’s a cause of climate change. What’s an environmentally conscious omnivore to do? Now you may not have to choose...

It's all about Mootual Benefits, a win-win-win-win solution for all stakeholders involved.
  • Achieve higher prices for beef and dairy
  • Protect beef and dairy consumption levels
  • Unlock additional revenue sources from industry and public (CowCredits)
  • Get happier and healthier cows
  • Immediate, significant improvement of carbon footprint
  • Curb climate change and achieve carbon reduction commitments
  • Avoid fines and levies
  • Protect and support agricultural sector
  • Pioneer a market mechanism versus taxation and nanny stateism
  • Maintain public support
  • Continue to enjoy real beef and dairy products
  • Voluntarily contribute to reduce carbon emissions
  • Support local farming communities
  • Achieve significant sales growth in beef and dairy categories
  • Leverage cow credits to achieve higher sales of products and services
  • Improve Corporate carbon footprint
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