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Welcome to our first Moosletter where we aim to keep people informed on our progress in launching Mootral, a natural feed supplement that reduces methane emissions in cows and at the same time offers farmers a new way to make money.


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Upcoming Events
Where we'll be and how you can meet up with us...
"Der ClimateBurger" FoodTruck Tour
11 stops in 14 days
7-21 October, Germany

Germany's most climate-friendly truck is on a whirlwind tour around Germany from Oct 7 - Oct 21. We will be delivering FREE climate-friendly beef burgers in a bid to bring farmers increased revenues from climate-friendly meat and further reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.


Coming soon to Los Angeles...

Continuing on the success of our first North American climate-smart beef dinner in northern California, the team will be heading south to offer Los Angelenos some of the world's first climate-smart beef from our taco truck! We will make stops at select locations across the city with a menu designed by one of the area's most well-known chefs... stay tuned for details and locations!

Recent Events
We've attended a number of key events over the past few months...
Innovate4Climate, Barcelona – 22-25.05

Innovate4climate is a global conference where leaders in government, business and banking shape the next generation approach to financing “Climate Smart”. Mootral showcased 2 new economic models to make money from reducing methane emissions from cows. Model 1 through selling climate friendly beef and dairy products and Model 2 through a carbon exchange using a “Cow Credit” as the currency.

Think 20, Berlin 29.05

At G20 political leaders discuss the key global political and economical issues facing the world. T20 which runs alongside G20, brings the best economists from around the world to define new innovative solutions to the key issues, including climate change on the G20 agenda.

At T20, Mootral had the opportunity to serve delegates Moousse au Chocolat made from milk from climate friendly cows. Delegates loved the dessert and it proved an engaging way to explain how Mootral is an innovative, technological and economical solution to reducing carbon emissions globally.

World Expo 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan 10.08

World Expo 2017 is a global exhibition that showcases the latest trends, products and technologies from countries around the world. This year the main theme was Future Energy. As a technology for a sustainable future, Mootral was invited to present its product, and talk about livestock emissions to business and governments.

Mootral asked the Kazakhstan government to consider carbon neutralizing all its cars by giving Mootral to all its cows. This would enable Kazakhstan to meet its ambitious livestock targets and become Central Asia’s green agricultural powerhouse by 2020.

World Bank, AgriFin 2017, London 12.09

For the first time in its history, the World Bank hosted a global meeting on finance for Climate-Smart agriculture to explore ways of increasing the public and private finance to enable farming to stay both economic and sustainable.

Mootral was invited to present Mootral as an example of the type of innovation that the farming industry needs. Mootral which reduces methane emissions in cows by a minimum of 30% and creates new economic models to create “value for all” particularly the farmer, stimulated a lively discussion moderated by Charlotte Smith from the BBC.

Climate Action Pledge - New York, USA 18.09

Mootral was invited to speak at Climate Action Pledge, which was a new event in the 2017 Climate Week. The purpose of “Climate Action Pledge” is to engage more foundations and philanthropists in climate philanthropy. Mootral outlined the challenges of the current farming and food systems, and demonstrated tangible ways of making it more sustainable.

Mootral made the case to Investors that they need to allocate resources to simple, scalable and sustainable solutions for farmers that are good for farmers (i.e make them more money), consumers and the environment

International Food Bloggers Conference 2017

Sacramento, CA

As a sponsor of the annual International Food Blogger Conference in Sacramento from September 28th to October 1st, Mootral, in collaboration with UC Davis, welcomed bloggers to a tour of the UC Davis beef feedlot and hosted a three-course dinner at the campus’ Gateway Gardens featuring the world’s first climate-smart beef – dry-aged, smoked prime rib – raised, processed and prepared at UC Davis.

In addition Mootral technology was showcased with an informational “discovery session” showing how cows using the Mootral feed supplement can make a positive contribution towards environmental health through significant and immediate reduction of methane emissions, while consumers can still enjoy their regular consumption of beef and dairy products.

Bloggers and participants were enthusiastic about the climate-smart experience, so rather than read more from us, checkout one of their posts here.

It's all about Mootual Benefits, a win-win-win-win solution for all stakeholders involved.
  • Achieve higher prices for beef and dairy
  • Protect beef and dairy consumption levels
  • Unlock additional revenue sources from industry and public (CowCredits)
  • Get happier and healthier cows
  • Immediate, significant improvement of carbon footprint
  • Curb climate change and achieve carbon reduction commitments
  • Avoid fines and levies
  • Protect and support agricultural sector
  • Pioneer a market mechanism versus taxation and nanny stateism
  • Maintain voter support
  • Continue to enjoy real beef and dairy products
  • Voluntarily contribute to reduce carbon emissions
  • Support local farming communities
  • Achieve significant sales growth in beef and dairy categories
  • Leverage cow credits to achieve higher sales of products and services
  • Improve Corporate carbon footprint
BusinessGreen Report
Tackling livestock emissions: the innovative, necessary and rapidly expanding new market
Released on June 21, 2017

The BusinessGreen report is a comprehensive review on animal feed solutions for reducing methane emissions in cows. It concludes that while there are a number of different options for farmers- Mootral is the only one which is close to being a commercially viable solution.

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