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Best 5 to 7 Days Weight Loss Diet Plan for Young Girls and Boys for Their Wedding Season D Day. Leading dieticians are of the opinion that juices produced using centrifugal juicers lose their nutritional value during the blending process as the fast-spinning metal blade generates heat which destroys some of the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables. Despite the exceptionally high nutritional value of the drink, the body requires a balanced diet for optimal functioning of all organs. Although five-to-seven day green juice diet plans are gaining popularity, it is important to remember that there are pros and cons to just about everything. Instead of sweating it out at a gym, and following rigorous diet plans, simply incorporate green juices into your daily diet and obtain the desired results.
Since most packaged juices are pasteurised, the heat treatment not only kills all the bacteria but also accounts for a loss of valuable nutrients. Twenty-four-year-old Mina Saleem, who followed the almost week-long regimen to lose weight, explains that replacing complete meals with the juice resulted in a massive drop in her energy levels.

And in recent times, with the phobia of keeping the weighing scale at bay, green juice detox has become a popular choice among health buffs.
According to Dr Shamim Mirza, a gynaecologist at the Cantonment Hospital, Rawalpindi, young girls are ready to do just about anything to lose weight and will implement anything that they read on the internet.
Results of the diet were impressive – a loss of 10 to 17 pounds of weight in just a week! Avoid bananas.What You Have To DoThe first day of the diet allows you to eat as many fruits as you like. In addition, the high amount of water intake will flush out the toxins and prepare your body for the next six days of dieting.DAY 2You Will NeedAn assortment of vegetables.
Some of the healthiest options would be carrots, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and cabbage.What You Have To DoYou have to follow a vegetable-only meal plan on the second day. The only foods to avoid are potatoes and bananas.What You Have To DoOn to the third day your body would have almost adjusted to the new diet.

The variety will also help satisfy your taste buds and break the monotony of the first two days. You will also need to consume six large tomatoes.What You Have To DoThis day is a feast compared to what you consumed on the first four days. Vegetarians can have a serving of brown rice for lunch while meat lovers can include a serving of fish or chicken.
The GM diet allows people to lose weight in a short span of time, without needing to starve.

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