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Last week the uninhibited television presenters both flashed their underwear during a guest appearance. Trinny and Susannah The Magic Tummy Tucker Vest from DownUnderWear Sign in Currency : NZD Australian dollar (AUD) NZ Dollar (NZD) USD (USD) Contact us FREE Shipping on all NZ orders over $50 .
The Trinny and Susannah high waister pants are a really affordable choice of control underwear.
Although shape wear or control underwear is not the most glamorous looking underwear, it is a great basis for a very stylish outfit. Body con dresses have become really fashionable in recent years and with tight fitting dress it is absolutely essential to wear underwear to give you a smooth and streamlined shape. The Trinny and Susannah high waister pants and magic bum, tum and thigh reducer pants can make you drop a dress size (without dieting or visiting the gym).
Trinny and Susannah Magic body smooths the whole torso without flattening the breasts, and enables you to wear your own bra.
A lumpy silhouette can be caused by poor fitting women’s underwear, the way that you sit or stand or just the way that your body is.

Two of the most well known brands of ladies underwear for creating a smooth line are Sloggi and Trinny and Susannah. For black clothes or evening wear, black underwear is the best choice as it will not show up underneath.
But with looser fitting clothes underwear is also important, a smooth slimline shape will help your clothes to hang just right and cling in the right places.
Getting the right underwear is key to a smooth silhouette in whatever outfit you choose to wear.A Shapewear is the ideal way to keep that smooth and streamlined silhouette all day even when you are starting to get tired and stop holding your tummy in. On the shows one of their top recommendations for women, as they pulled and pushed them into shape, was that underwear was a really importantA  part of any outfit and the right pants can work wonders. Of course it is not quite as dramatic with a party dress but the right underwear can definitely make a dramatic difference.
For really sheer and slightly transparent clothing, flesh coloured underwear will ensure that no one even knows that you are wearing shape wear. With A an outfit the foundations are your underwear, Trinny and Susannah pants will give you a slim shape, just the right base for your outfit.

Although quite bullish, Trinny and Susannh are passionate about making women feel happy and confident in what they wear. The Trinny and Susannah pants areA a great way for women that are worried about their body shape or wobbly bits to do this. For a special occasion or a particularly clingy or tighter fitting dress, Trinny and Susannah have a range of magic and high waist pantsA which are actually shorts and slim, streamline and reduce the bum, tum and thigh areas.
Underwear is the foundation of any outfit and if you don’t get this layer right then there is little hope for the rest of the outfit.

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