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Das Konzept ist bestechend einfach: Man legt zwei Fastentage in der Woche ein, an denen die Kalorienzufuhr heruntergefahren wird. I was curious because, as a man in his early fifties who eats healthily and is fairly active, for the first time in my life I am finding it harder to shift the post-Christmas paunch. The real dividends are around longer term health and which include a reduced risk of heart disease, dementia, cancer and diabetes.
The other attractive aspect is that the 5:2 approach means that the participant only has to exercise will power for two days out of five and can eat normally on the other days. Basically, the theory goes that our bodies are designed to adapt to periods without food and, during periods when the body receives fewer calories, it goes into repair mode resulting in various beneficial changes.

The authors advocate eating normally for five days a week, and cutting calories for two days a week (500 for women, and 600 for men). The book explores all the current scientific evidence, busting a few myths in the process, and also recognises that everyone is different and therefore suggests various strategies. I also abstain from alcohol on the restricted calorie days and, since starting the diet, I have stopped eating between meals, except for fruit if I feel peckish, and I am generally eating more vegetables. Michael Mosley suggests this is the best way to maintain a healthy weight rather than to continue to lose weight. Over Christmas 2014 I ate more and my weight went back up to 77 kg (12 stone) so, at the time of writing, I am back to doing two days fasting.I am also experimenting with not eating breakfast and waiting until lunchtime ever day for my first calories of the day.

Whilst I wake up feeling in the mood to eat, once I've drunk some water and a couple of cups of coffee, the hunger pangs quickly disappear and I don't feel hungry until around midday. Since making these changes I am almost back to 70 kg (11 stone) which I perceive to be my ideal weight for optimum health.

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