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KAT or CAT commonly refers to two types of drugs.  Although similar, one is naturally derived from the leaf of the shrub catha edulis, which contains Cathinone and is also called khat, quat, kat, gat and tchat. The side effects are similar to those of cocaine: it causes euphoria, increased alertness, anxiety, loss of appetite, slurred speech, dilated pupils, strange erratic behaviour, body aches, stomach pains, nausea and fatigue. These Jet Lag Relief homeopathic pills from Homoeostasis Labs contain all-natural ingredients to help stave off symptoms including anxiety, weakness, nausea, drowsiness and exhaustion. It is not unusual for women and girls struggling with eating disorders to either abuse or become dependent on over-the-counter substances.

However, for people with bulimia and a sub-group of those with anorexia who also binge and purge, alcohol is frequently consumed, then eliminated through vomiting.
Caffeine - It's consumed in the form of black coffee or diet drinks to fill the stomach and it staves off hunger.
Caffeine also serves as a diuretic, and people with eating disorders confuse temporary fluid loss with actual weight loss. Amphetamines and Cocaine - These substances are used because they suppress appetite and provide energy in the absence of adequate food intake.

Laxatives, Diuretics and Over-the-counter Diet Pills - Like so many over-the-counter medications, these drugs are intended to address a specific medical need during a limited time frame.
Although laxatives and diuretics are not often considered drugs of abuse or dependence, individuals can become dependent on them.

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