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I bought a 30 day supply which cost around £3, if you don't need the additional Iron I'd suggest you look at the next Boots branded Multivitamin down which is only 99p for 30 (everything is the same in the ingredients panel, it's just that that one doesn't contain any Iron).
Ever since I had my first baby I have been a little low on iron and find I need to supplement my iron supply with vitamins. After many months of trying out different Iron supplements I decided that the time was right to return to the classic multivitamins + Iron tablets that I was taking when I was single. Whilst trying to lose weight I like to think I am trying to take care of my body a little bit more, after giving up smoking for a second time as well I decided it was time to start putting some goodness back into my body so I went on the search for some vitamins.The first vitamins I picked up were Boots Multivitamins with Iron. Dietary Supplement with a Premium Formula of L-Carnitine, Ferulic Acid, Antioxidants C and E, CoQ10 and Selenium, Zinc and B Vitamins Essential for Male Fertility Health. Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take 3-4 capsules daily for the first month, followed with continued use of at least 2 capsules daily. I popped down to the local Boots and found a pack of 180 tablets that seemed reasonable enough. BootsWebMD is UK specific, GP reviewed health information, providing information on a wide variety of health topics. Acne Boots Comfortable Gluconate Zinc Blackheads use Lemon Juice and Egg as a natural Blackhead Remedy. Start shopping now and fill it up with great healthy goodies & fantastic Acne Boots Comfortable Gluconate Zinc Blackheads savings!

I eat fairly healthily with lots of fruits and vegetables but it's always good to top it up in my opinion.I find these vitamins from Boots are great daily vitamins and perfect for my every day needs. I understand that some people may need to for medical reasons - not trying to undermine that - I will take vitamin C and zinc when I am coming down with a cold, so I am not totally against it.
I went to boots to see what they had in the way of vitamin and mineral supplements and found these. To start with I was only looking for iron supplements but these claimed to contain all of the things needed for general health as well. However, times were bad and while I am making important changes to my diet (apparently there is a world of food outside of carbs, who knew!) and exercise, I knew I needed another boost to get the ball rolling so multivitamins and minerals it was!
Once I came off that and had encouraged my levels back to normal, he told me when I started to feel the symptoms return to give myself an iron boost.Boots multi vitamins with iron are an affordable way of getting the nutrients I need on a daily basis combined with the extra iron I need, in one small, easy to swallow daily capsule. The other Vitamins within these tablets seem to do me a lot more good than a straight up Iron supplement ever has, and I will be utilising them again whenever I feel under the weather. Boots are currently offering a 3 for 2 deal on all vitamins, complementary medicines and herbal products. It might be helpful to know that all Boots vitamins contain a reduced level of vitamin A so it is safe to take them with other supplements.
Boots quite often have specials on their vitamins and minerals meaning at times you can get 3 products for the price of 2, which is handy if you want to stock up.

From time to time Boots also do 3 for 2 on a lot of their vitamins so it's always worth stocking up them. The tub has a child safety lock for any pesky kids that may try and boost their health a little too much.
After finding out about the possible side effects of too much vitamin A I will be much more cautious about which vitamins I purchase in the future - it's not something I've ever checked in the past, but if no brands other than Boots are careful with the vitamin A content of the tablets, then it's Boots I'm sticking to. I would recommend these to anyone needing a general health supplement to help them get all the nutrients they need.
Multivitamins are a good way to supplement your diet to ensure that you are getting all the vitamins your body needs to function correctly.
However, in my unscientific opinion, if you need a boost to your health then it can only be a good thing. As a vegetarian (and recently was a student) it has not always been easy to get enough iron in my body, especially on a limited budget, so no doubt the added iron has been a huge boost to my system.

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