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By turning exercise into a game, Wii Fit plays on the same sort of impulses and positive feedback loops that make videogames compelling. But since Wii Fit‘s main measure of accomplishment, tallying everything up, is how much you weigh, this leads to a bit of a disconnect. I’d still like to see another publisher take a shot at an exercise game, as I think there are some basic areas that can be improved on.
Wii Fit is certainly not the first example, even in recent times, of a product that attempts to turn exercise into a videogame.

For example, I did half an hour of Wii Fit Sunday morning, but the day before, with less time on my hands, I went out and ran a mile instead. Now, I still might skip a day, but the difference is that I feel bad about it, and resolve to exercise the next day. I finish my exercise routines of about 30 minutes having worked up a decent sweat, maybe having set a few records for myself.
After each two- or three-minute exercise, you have to pick up the Wiimote again, go through the menu and pick what you want to do next, which adds a lot of busywork to the gameplay.

I mostly avoid the Mii mini-games by now, having decided that the boxing and jogging aren’t as effective as just doing the strength training exercises and the yoga. Since the board can determine quite accurately how well you are performing a set of standard exercises, the feedback that you get from the game is meaningful.

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