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We have developed a tool to record diet INTAKE24 this is an online tool that records diets and can generate nutrientoutput very quickly without the need for a researcher like ourselves to manually analyse each diet diary, which is a very long and costly process. Nitrogen and Potassium are the most critical nutrients increasing citrus tree growth and crop yields, as you can see above. As you can see on the image above, more N and K are removed than any other nutrient in oranges. While much lower levels of micronutrients are needed to satisfy yield and quality crop production, the correct balance of these trace elements is essential. Iron, zinc, manganese and boron are the micronutrients needed in the largest quantities to ensure that growth and quality is not limited. Nitrogen is one of the most critical nutrients for increasing citrus tree growth and crop yields. Fertigation of the macronutrients in general allows for better timing and greater efficiency of the nutrients.

Potassium is one of the most critical nutrients for increasing citrus tree growth and crop yields. Calcium nutrition is also important, particularly during the early stages of growth and throughout fruit enlargement. The main roles of zinc are as a cofactor of enzymes and involvement in the production of growth regulators responsible for internode elongation and chloroplast development.
You guys are going to use intake24 at the start of the project to record your diet and then look at your nutrient outcome in about 3 weeks time. It's usually targeted to influence fruit set, while other micronutrients are applied during periods or flushes of active growth.
Foliar application or fertigation of micronutrients minimizes in-season deficiencies as they are quickly adsorbed by the plant.
If we continue to eat foods which are high in fat, sugar and salt as well as not increase the amount of exercise we do this can increase our risk of certain diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, like heart attack, stroke it can lead to obesity, diabetes and some cancers.

The aim of the research is to test out an online tool we have developed that makes recording diet easier, which you guys are going to use. Following this eatwell plate should provide us with the adequate nutrients to maintain good health . However, these Guidelines are for the general population but not everyone has the same needs and requirements and some people may have allergies or dietary preferences or certain lifestyles, for example athletes, vegetarians, pregnant women etc and may need to alter their diets to get the right amount of nutrients from different sources. I have always loved science, biology in particular and then when I did my A levels at college I did a project on diet and nutrition and absolutely loved it so i studied a degree in food and human nutrition for 4 years at Newcastle University, I did 1 year work experience placement at the Human nutrition Research Centre, I really enjoyed the diversity of the job, working on different projects from start to finish, collecting data, analysing it and writing reports to share within the research community and wider public which may have an impact on the health of our communities and hopefully the population and thats why I love my job.

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