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New research suggests that cotton candy may help re-grow human tissue such as bone, skin, or muscle, says MSNBC. The technique is actually a bit to complicated for me to explain, but it sounds a bit like if one poured candy apple solution over cotton candy to create a complicated network out of the thin interwoven strands and what would be left inside would be an intricate network of blood vessels or skin.
Make them a double-it-up, sweet treat – these Lorax sugar cookies with cotton candy on top. These need to be eaten soon, quickly, that day, they need to be enjoyed after you make them.
Good if you're making these as an activity with your kids or making them and giving them away right away, not so good if you want to sell them. But really, these are easy and fun to make, and of course, also perfect for kids who're loving the new movie out in theatres, The Lorax.
3) Place the cookies on a baking sheet, making sure there's room for the straws to be inserted, after they come out of the oven. 6) Pipe a little bit of icing onto the surface of your cookie and gently place some cotton candy on top.
One little note about adhering cotton candy to your cookie… Above is an example of how much icing I was putting on at first. 3) Pipe a little bit of icing onto the surface of your cookie and gently place some cotton candy on top for the Lorax's moustache and eyebrows.

Wonder if packing a dessicant with it would work, like silica gel, same as you use to keep isomalt objects hard.
My little one would think she died and went to heaven if I ever gave her a cookie with cotton candy on it!! Everyone else who commented – ;-D Thanks so much for dropping by, and for those of you going to see the movie, or for those of you planning on making these, have fun! I just recently found your website and have spent so much time being delighted with all your work that my husband finally threatened to put a parental block on the website so I couldn’t access it anymore!!! It was a typical weekend for me shopping at Whole Foods Market on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Next time you are in your local market, definitely be on the lookout for these cotton candy grapes and give them a try. So far it does in rats, so stay tuned, you may find cotton candy-based blood vessels or skin substitutes coming soon, right out of those crazy whirling machines from county fairs around the country. They eyes will need to have set a bit (about 15 minutes at least), so you may want to add the cotton candy after this detail. I made thing 1 and thing 2 cupcakes (from the cat in the hat) and I too had a problem with the cotton candy melting right into the buttercream, within about an hour. I am planning on taking my daughter and her friends to this movie this next week…what a fun treat for them!!

I found your site at the beginning of last week and have spent sooo much time poring over the posts and info! They are unlike anything else I’ve seen for the movie, and I’m just blown away at your creativity! Seuss baby shower cake for my daughter and I am so excited that I came across your website. Try looking for them at a Whole Foods Market near you during Late August or early September.
I was wondering why you inserted the straws after the cookies were baked – I know the white lollipop sticks that you use in your daisy cookie tutorial were inserted prior to baking. If you live in a humid area, working in an air-conditioned and de-humidified room is probably best.

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