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The Effects Of Energy Drinks On Your Blood Pressure And Heart Rate Are Worse Than You Thought! A serial entrepreneur launches his third pizza startup and gives franchisees the freedom of choice. According to a Zagat survey, trendy bragging points are less important to customers than things like made-to-order food and cleanliness. Paul Scholtes had a yen for Asian cuisine and loved how the menu at Wok Box Fresh Asian Kitchen encompassed delicacies from ten different regions. Apart from being a substantial alternative to sweets, dried fruits provide a host of other not a bit less valuable advantages. Second, dried fruits are exuberant suppliers of valuable microclimates and healthy nutrients.

Another indisputable advantage of dried fruits is that they store at room temperature for a long time and preserve their health benefits during the period of one year. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, this Lebanese fresh fruit salad is the perfect way to refresh your palate for the coming season. Dried fruits could become a great substitute for sweets because they are high on carbohydrates (fructose, sucrose, and glucose) while providing twice as less calories than sugar. First, they are absolutely natural and free of food colorings, emulsifiers, preservatives, nitrites, and other chemicals.
Fructose (fruit sugar) in dried fruits is “packed” into dietary fiber so that it stays in the body only in limited quantities, which prevents the small intestine from absorbing more sugar and cholesterol than needed and doesn’t increase insulin levels as all the sweets basically do. More and more, they are turning to fast- casual franchise brands that feature fresh ingredients prepped in-house.

That way of thinking has led to a number of flops.But taking a cue from Chipotle, many franchise operators are realizing that a little forethought and a lot of chopping can lead to tasty, relatively healthful options that appeal to consumers who are concerned with nutrition but still seeking a quick bite. Then they discovered the freshness of our food and the consistency, and word spread,” says Richards, who serves as chief development officer.
Instead, they started building their burgers using fresh antibiotic- and hormone-free open-range beef.

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