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For this reason, many people have become pretty desperate to find a solution to their weight problem. This has created a booming industry for weight loss supplements… pills, tablets and shakes that are supposed to make things easier. The latest one to hit the spotlight is a natural supplement called Meratrim, a combination of two herbs that are supposed to help block fat from being stored. Fortunately, we don’t need to rely on TV personalities because we have an actual human study where the supplement is given to real people. The story behind Meratrim is this… a group of researchers wanted to invent a new, effective weight loss supplement. The researchers had a bunch of fat cells growing in test tubes and tried adding these different herbs to the cells to see what happened.

Eventually, they picked two herbs that they found to be effective and combined them into a blend… giving birth to what they now call Meratrim.
Keep in mind that this is what they claim happened in a test tube, so take all of this with a big grain of salt. What happens in a living, breathing human body is often radically different from what happens in isolated cells. This should lead to a much lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and other serious diseases in the long run. Bottom Line: One study shows that Meratrim can cause significant weight loss and improve many health markers.
If the study had lasted longer (6 months to a year), it is highly possible that the women would have started gaining the weight back.

That being said, if Meratrim really works as well as it does in that one study, then it may be a useful tool to accelerate short-term weight loss, for example if you need to lose weight quickly for some sort of event.
But I am convinced that no one is going to find a long-term solution to their weight problem just by taking a supplement or a pill.

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