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Now don’t get me wrong I’m not sugar mad… I don’t add it to food, but I do eat food high in sugar.
So you may wonder why I’ve decided to give up sugar, we here’s a quick list on why sugar is not good for you, your health or your looks!
Sugar causes illnesses including obesity, type-2 diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and liver problems. So as you can see there are very few health benefits to sugar, so there is no need to be eating it in excess.
I was completely and utterly addicted and eating foods I considered healthy and not realizing the terrible effects all this processed and nasty sugar was causing. Good luck – fortunately I do not drink any of those drinks, but boy, did you make me think! I haven’t directly given up sugar, but I am eating healthier and in general cutting down on sugary things, fatty things and carby things. I tried two of the instagram sugar free things last year, the first one was fine as it allowed plant based sugar like stevia and fruit. I’m currently giving up sweets and chocolate in my first step towards eating less sugar.
But not as different as you might think. Because they are active and growing, children are not vastly different to the "average person" used on the front of the pack. If you read my fitness new year resolutions blog post you will know that I am on a Sugar detox, and it seems that I am not alone; Cantara from Gymbags and Gladrags and from Deja from Deja Zu are both giving up sugar in January.
Did you know that many foods have hidden sugar in them, from cereals, granola, fruit, smoothies, fruit juice, coleslaw, barbeque sauce, ketchup, pasta sauce… the list goes on!

Studies have shown that there is a direct link between the amount of sugar consumed and how old a person looks.
Sugar initially gives you a massive high and then a few hours later you crash, which makes you crave more, so you consume more sugar. High sugar foods such as soft drinks, chocolate and pastry unfortunately contain very little essential nutrients.
I definitely want to try and cut down on added sugars, but still eat foods such as fruit and veg which have natural sugars in. So as well as the usual sugar suspects of chocolate, cookies, cakes, pastries, soft drinks there are hundreds of foods that have sugar added to them.
High sugar diets reduce the quality of the collagen in your skin – the less collagen you have the more your skin breaks down, making it thinner and more wrinkly. So if you eat high sugar food such as these instead of more nutritious foods, you will probably become deficient in many important nutrients. Even when I’ve cut out soda (which is hard for me) I still crave candy and sweets so much + like you mentioned there is so much sugar in regular foods we don’t even realize!
I have consciously cut back on my sugar though by cutting sugary drinks and big bingey bars of chocolate and sugary cereals and things. Good job you’re doing it with someone else as I am too (going to send her the link to this) and I find it help so much having support there. I’m mindful of the fact that our brains are made to run off glucose from carbs and giving these up completely isnt great for you. It also becomes more prone to the damaging effects of the environment and UV rays, so for great youthful looking skin, cut out the sugar!

Sugar is a mood-altering drug which plays with your moods, one minute your happy then next you are mood and anxious.
But the best part of the ad is the little note to parents at the bottom, warning them against the dangers of not giving their child enough sugar.
Pay safe with your young ones - make sure they get sugar every day."Play safe with your young ones - make sure they get sugar every day." Sure! I think all that would accomplish would be ruining your appetite for lunch and making you ravenous later on.
Sugar does give you energy - and runners are known to consume those gummy looking "goo" snacks for a quick boost during a race. However, the ads didn't take into consideration the sugar crash that comes after the high - what goes up must come down, as Blood, Sweat & Tears sang at the time. And, given the choice of an artificial sweetener and natural sugar, I'd choose the latter every time. I never drink diet soda or use anything other than sugar in my coffee, tea, or baked goods. But like anything else, sugar is safest in moderation - and these ads seem to be giving consumers the green light to go sugar crazy!

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