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Lola Getts Active: This is a line of fashionable performance workout apparel that has sizes 14-24.
Taffy Activewear: Taffy provides plus size workout clothes in sizes 14-24 with a focus on style, fit, and comfort at an affordable price point.
I was on the Zulily site this morning and they have plus size workout gear on there right now at great prices. I’ve never bought clothes from them (so far only shoes and craft supplies), so that is good to know. I can fit into the 24s of Lola Getts and Taffy, but they’re a little tight for my comfort zone at this moment. I usually buy my active wear from Old Navy, or Danskin stuff from Walmart because the prices are great and the fit is good. I just bought some plus size workout clothes at Kohls (online) and was very happy, great prices. If you feel like you have to wear a sweat suit or old clothes to work out and get fit, you might want to take a look at some of the newest options for workout attire.
You want to be comfortable, of course, but if you’re going to be working out around other people you also want to look good. Don’t assume that cute and stylish workout clothes are only for women who are already in great shape.

Since many of you have new goals for the new year, I thought it might be a good time to share some resources. The line appeared this morning on Good Morning America, and they are having an AMAZING deal associated with that. If you listened to my interview on the Launch Yourself podcast, you may have heard what I’m up to in order to solve my workout clothes dilemmas. I’m not a huge fan of their styles, but for comfortable, quality clothes that go to a 6x, they fill a big need!
I used to love Target’s workout clothes, but they stopped doing plus sizes in the Champion C9 line.
It makes such a difference when you can buy good-quality, comfortable, stylish work out clothes.
There are many workout clothes for women available today that you couldn’t find in the past. Avoid making your clothing choices into a competition between you and other people who use the gym. I’ve posted about my workout clothes frustration several times, most recently in November 2012. They also participated in the FitBloggin’ fashion show last year, which was pure awesome.

While all of these brands are great and fill a huge gap in the plus size workout market, I have certain things I want to see. Over the years, I’ve lost weight, but most importantly, I’ve learned to love myself no matter what the size.
If you buy what you like and what looks good on you, you’ll have the confidence to work out no matter what anyone else might be doing. Sometimes, it can be intimidating to join a new gym and start working out around other people, but how you feel about the way you look in your workout clothes can help you enjoy your new environment. Choose from a variety of sports bra, tank tops, capris, leggings, yoga-pants, fold over pants, gym shorts and more cute workout clothing for women available to you at Fit Activewear.
Disclosure: I do work with them through my consulting company, but they have not asked or paid for me to mention them.

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