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These days, we can find out loads about a service provider before we even send an enquiry email. Plenty of Personal Trainers post 8-week transformation photos online of clients, showing amazing before and after shots. Word of mouth is often the best type of recommendation, and it's no different with Personal Trainers.
You could work with a Personal Trainer who is based at your gym, or with a freelance Personal Trainer who is located in your home town.
Ultimately, you will need to trust your instincts before you part with money for a Personal Trainer's service. We owe a huge thanks to our social media following for being with us on this awesome journey from the start, and we hope you’ll continue to grow with us.
If fat loss is the goal, females can use the same supplements as listed in the general fat loss section.
We are extremely proud of our reputation as some of the world’s best personal trainers.
Results are how I have made my name, and that is the service that my business provides whether you are an online personal training client or work with us one-to-one. Our personal trainers will design a monthly programme for you, with nutritional and diet guidelines, and will be your guide as you go through the programme. Before you begin training, we will ask you to keep a complete, honest food diary for a week. Prior to beginning, we will ask you to complete a very detailed form on motivations, previous training experience, medical history and any issues.
2) in person we use BioSignature to evaluate body fat, recommend supplements and track your progress. Of course there will be plenty cheaper online training programmes out there, but know that they will often be with a faceless individual (too often pieces of software) that sends out low level, completely generalised plans that help no one. In a nutshell I am more than satisfied with UP and Martyn’s online personal training services and would strongly recommend him to anyone. Now I have quit smoking and drinking again and intend to get back in the gym to complete the weight loss.
He is a great bloke who takes this science seriously, so if you want results, and are prepared to put in the work and follow instructions, Martyn will tell you everything you need to know and do, no nonsense. Ultimate Performance was founded for one simple reason – to create and execute the most effective consultative health and fitness model in the personal training industry. The information on this website is for entertainment purposes only and should not be seen as a substitute for working with a qualified professional.
Seasoned competitor Paul Southern made his way down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to compete in the 2014 Southern States Bodybuilding competition. Fans piled into this enormous gym to watch competitors of all shapes and sizes compete for the coveted 1st place trophy. Paul Southern has been Personal Training clients in Casselberry and Altamonte Springs , Florida for the past 5 years.

Hiring a Personal Trainer Online is new to the market, but many have found success when partnered with the right trainer.
Paul has assists online clients with weight loss, muscle building, diet plans, fitness plans and bodybuilding preparation.
Our Online Personal Training is ideal for those seeking high levels of personal attention and accountability, uniquely varied workout routines designed to accomplish your specific goals, and the best results in the least amount of time possible.
As a Personal Trainer Online, I  treat each client individually with personalized workout programs and nutrition.
His experience stems from his 26 years as a bodybuilder as well as his 5 years of experience as an Orlando Personal Trainer.
But bear in mind that they are likely to only post up their most successful clients, the ones with real wow-factor. Whether you are looking for a Personal Trainer who works in your local gym, or seeking an online Personal Trainer who will give you training and nutrition advice, personal recommendations will help you make an informed decision. Or you could choose to employ a Personal Trainer who is based anywhere in the world and work with them online, using Skype, email, telephone and other methods to share information and feedback. The relationship you have with your PT is one of the most important ones you can have, and you're paying for it. We are even more proud to offer you the chance to train with us online at a fraction of the normal cost. They will always be available to talk to you and act as your guides as you transform your body, losing fat and building muscle. These are designed to fit around your lifestyle and any restrictions you might have, but bear in mind that if you want amazing results you will have to commit to following those guidelines.
We will include active rest, recovery, cardio and resistance training, all integrated to help you get towards your goal. If you want this additional level of guidance, we can offer it to you on top of the online training. Getting myself into good condition wasn’t enough, I wanted more, which is what led me to UP Online Personal Training.
Everything has been laid out in exact detail (just how I like it) regarding training and nutrition. When I saw Martyn he was very helpful and encouraging and gave me a resistance training and diet programme. Martyn was always on hand to give me encouragement by email and explain why details in the programme were so important to achieving my goals e.g. This is the part where our passion bubbles over, and we can leave behind the analytical pragmatism and proven science that we apply to other facets of the business. Paul’s online clients have experienced exponential results after receiving his online fitness guidance. Each client is consulted by Paul Southern about their goals, expectations, medical history, injuries, eating habits and past experience with a Personal Trainer. Then over a period of time in the gym, I used to watch a couple of competitive bodybuilders, and decided I wanted to be big like them.

The transformation photos you'll see represent a small percentage of their total client base.
Don't be afraid to ask around, and discuss the Personal Trainer with past and current clients. If you need a Personal Trainer to help you train for a running race or other sport-specific event, ensure that's their speciality. Your own personality, character and needs will dictate the approach which works best for you. Make sure you feel comfortable (but challenged) by your Personal Trainer, that you trust them to give you the best information and that you feel able to talk to them openly and honestly. I receive hundreds of emails, facebook messages and tweets every day from people around the world who want to know when we will open an Ultimate Performance gym in their home town. I am totally evangelical about health and fitness, and I want everyone to have access to our world-class training protocols and nutritional advice. We don’t believe in leaving anything to chance, to we plan everything down to the weights used, repetitions and rest intervals.
Online training demands that you have strong dedication and determination, and that you are prepared to follow our instructions precisely. Having known Martyn through our time working at the same commercial gym and hearing about his achievements I knew he would be the perfect person to help me to achieve what I crave.
Martyn has been extremely efficient in answering all of my emails (of which there have been many!) with a plethora of questions. A good Personal Trainer is invaluable if you want to take your health, fitness and body to the next level.
Our results make us the most sought-after personal trainers in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Marbella, with waiting lists and a constant push to accommodate more clients. I also want to make sure those who cannot afford to train with us, but who love the UP philosophy and approach, still get the chance to improve their physique and get amazing results. We will give you advice that makes sure no matter what happens you can continue to progress towards your goals.
Dig around and find out what you can about their training style, their reputation, their character and personality. I am very sad when I hear and see stories of trainees given false promises, false hopes, and crap advice. Now that I have been using UP’s Online Personal Training Services I have been able to utilise his vast knowledge extensively.
He keeps in regular contact, requesting weekly updates which is very reassuring, showing that he cares about the progress of his clients. He emphasises the fact that questioning is the way to progress and gain more knowledge and is always encouraging me to use his knowledge.

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