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Whatever you want, but when you arrive, everything you brought with you will be sent back home. What I mean is - they( the drill instructors) take everything you own and put it in a paper bag. When I went throu…gh they told us that you could bring items like shoes, toiletries, letter writing gear,so on and soforth but when we got there they took all that stuff up,made us put it in a paper bag and write our name ,ssn,platoon#,and address on it and put it in storage until we graduated. No matter what anyone has told you the Marine Corps will issue you what they want you to have.

If you are missing any required paperwork you could be placed on hold and be stuck in boot camp longer than needed. If you really just cannot adjust to the military lifestyle it is possible to get out of your contract, but that will not happen during boot camp and more likely not until the end of your first year. Try to be able to do your end requirements for the physical test before you leave for basic. Good rule of thumb for males is the run in under 12 minutes, at least 60 pushups and 60 situps, females about 13-14 minutes and 40 pushups and 60 situps.

Just step back for a minute and realize the ridiculousness of the situation you've put yourself in and understand that it will end eventually. You will get exercised to exhaustion regularly as punishment as a division, try not to get this as an individual for something stupid you have done.

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