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I have always stayed clear of pumpkin cause i could never find it tinned for less than 7g carbs per 100g, which I found to be quite to high for proper keto, until I discovered that fresh pumpkin though is merely 2g carbs per 100g! I have a very strong love relationship with my fridge, considering how well I plan for it, and i think it reveals at a glance how muh room i leave (not) formy carbophagus biyfriend.
Similar to the Greek Halloumi, this Indian cheese is much more subtle and sweet in taste and is the perfect base to add any spice or sauce you can like on it!

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I used to have it with tomato sauce (amazing!) but if you’re watching your carbs closely like I am these days and the lower the better, I found its amazing with just some pink Himalayan salt and smoked paprika!

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