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2007Mon, Oct-01-12, 15:47So I have had their 1 carb bread before which is great as is or toasted.
Julian Bakery Zero Carb Bread (Finally, a sandwich bread with ZERO carbs that tastes great! Smart Carb #1 definitely tastes like the real thing, it has a very hearty and healthy flavor with a dense consistency. Smart Carb #2 is essentially the same recipe as #1 but with the addition of cinnamon and raisins. While this bread doesn’t have the stunning nutritional panel of smart carb #1&2 with 4g net carb and 5g protein, this bread is much lighter, more moist, and only half the calories!
Top Smart Carb #2 with some fat free cottage or ricotta cheese with a bit of cinnamon and sweetener. If you’re feeling really creative, try using Julian bakery breads as bread crumbs, bread pudding or french toast! I analyzed the ingredients used by Julian Bakery in its Smart Carb #1 product to see if they are consistent with its claim of 1 net carb. The ingredients listed by Julian Bakery do not appear to be consistent with a product that has 13g carb and 12g fiber, as Julian Bakery claims. The tables below list carb counts for the first 5 nutrients in Chompie’s Carbs…Not!

I bought Smart Carb #1 at Whole Foods Market – it was the only low carb bread they carried, and they had a lot of it.
Bernstein Diabetes Solution and any other healthy low-carb diet or plan, all are welcome in our lowcarb community. It holds together better than any gluten free bread currently on the market and is ideal for sandwiches.
While weighing out the nutritional panel, ingredients,  as well as the flavor and texture of the bread, Julian is perhaps at the top of the low carb game.
I looked up nutrition data on the internet for the top 5 ingredients listed on the Smart Carb #1 label in the order shown on the label, and constructed a table of what I found.
I was unable to find carb counts for sprouts of kamut, so this table shows carb counts for kamut. It does have the same consistency and texture as Smart carb #1, but this flavor would be even tastier than after some time in the toaster. This bread is extremely hearty and filling, it will leave your tummy feeling satiated and taste buds feeling satisfied.
Carb Zero Bread is perfect for anyone watching their weight or who is diabetic or gluten intolerant. The taste of Carb Zero bread is unlike that of Smart Carb bread which is the best tasting low carb bread.

My test results for these and all the other bread products I tested (other than Smart Carb #1) appear to confirm that they are, indeed, low net carb products – at least, compared to Smart Carb #1.
REVIEW: 7 Great Low-Carb Breads (and 1 to avoid!) - Diabetes DailyBut more and more, the food industry is coming out with better and better options around low-carb breads. Get 18g of protein in two slices with Zero Net Carbs, which makes it ideal for any lean body goal. Carb Zero is gluten and carb free and is made with oat fiber, which gives it a delicious oat flavor.
Sprouted grains are ideal for breads as they help make the nutrients of grains easier to absorb, easier to digest, and also have a lower glycemic index. Simple arithmetic indicates that the Julian Bakery claim of 1 net carb for for its Smart Carb #1 bread is not credible by a long shot.
Our breads are ideal for celiacs, diabetics, and people looking to reach their ideal weight.

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