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admin | Ripped Workout Plan | 28.10.2013
While I am not currently on the Atkins Diet I am using the Atkins meals as a replacement for one meal a day in combination with a replacement shake for another meal and generally smarter choices for my third meal.
While the cost is higher than a lot of other frozen meal replacements for me it a matter of you get what you pay for.
I’ve tried many of the frozen Atkins entrees and unlike others on this blog, I found them tasteless.
The broccoli was a nice color and the perfect crispness (not limp and tasteless like some meals).

While not perfect in the ingredients area, I believe that for most people without severe food allergies, these are acceptable for occasional use. Just another reason to keep these as emergency meals and not rely on them for your planning. I can live with it since I only eat one Atkins meal a day and can watch my sodium intake the rest of the day.
So here I”ll give you my thoughts on these meals, which will be available in Wal-Marts start Dec.

The Lean Cuisine entrees are much more flavorful and thus I’m a repeat customer for those.

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