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Fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin D in milk, are needed for proper growth, development and disease prevention. If you need a reason to top your vegetables with a little olive oil, look no further than the fat-soluble vitamins consisting of vitamins A, D, E and K.
Vitamin D DeficiencyYour body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium and phosphorous, control cell growth and maintain a healthy immune system. Vitamin K DeficiencyYou probably remember your newborn receiving a shot of vitamin K when he first entered this world.
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Your cells also need it to divide and reproduce normally, and it keeps the lining of your mouth, nose, throat and lungs moist. You get vitamin D from dairy products and oily fish, like salmon, and your body makes it when exposed to sunlight.
It also facilitates production and maintenance of red blood cells, helps your body use vitamin K and prevents vitamins A and C and essential fatty acids from being destroyed.
You don’t need to eat them every day because you store them in your liver and fat tissue. With a vitamin D deficiency, children may develop rickets and flattening of their backs and skulls.

Vitamin A is mostly found in animal products, dairy products, fish and fruits and vegetables with orange and dark green colors. If you go without them, your body will suffer unpleasant consequences and you’ll be at risk for infection and disease. People at risk include breastfed infants, the elderly, dark-skinned people, those who don’t get enough sunlight and people who don't properly absorb vitamin D.

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