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Identify physiological changes associated with aging and how they influence strength training programs. Define the general principles of strength training and how those apply to senior programming. Understand the application of various types of equipment in senior strength training programs.
Develop basic, intermediate and advanced strength training programs for the senior population.
The Strength Training with Seniors course will provide you with the designation of Certified Senior Strength Trainer (CSST).
On-site – The course will last for 6 hours and will consist of lecture, lab, student participation in techniques, manual review and a written exam. Massage Therapists: The IWA is an NCBTMB approved provider (provider #301388-00) and this course meets the NCBTMB criteria for 12 Continuing Education Hours.
A lot of seniors that have constant pain on their joints and muscles or who have a problem with even simple moves frequently feel hopeless once they think of strength training. Strength training is the most suitable solution for that movement and muscle problems felt by seniors. The most effective strength training exercises for seniors to improve the arms are stretches and engaging the muscles of the arms using light weights.
Moreover, for the upper thighs and legs, seniors can do simple exercises that can be performed while standing or sitting.
There are several simple and easy strength training exercises that seniors can use to improve their back. You need to bear in mind that it is important to make sure the proper medical assessments are carried out before any workout is recommended and commenced by a senior individual. Exercise for the aging adults won’t only help ones versatility, but additionally offer them a better chance of coping with chronic disease. As with any age group, exercise for older people involves following some basic fundamental principles in regards to strength training, aerobic exercise, flexibility training, and proper nutrition. As with other generations, form and technique in regards to strength training are of the utmost importance in mature people.

Michael Elder has been working as a fitness professional in Chicago for the last thirteen years. The term cardiovascular exercise refers to physical activity where the oxygen and blood circulating functions of the body are substantially raised above the norm for a period of time. Weight training is the use of resistance in body movement with the intention of increasing strength. Strength training benefits are numerous and research has shown it to be safe and effective for the older population. It is advisable to begin strength training as early as possible, but, for any senior, strength training is a crucial part of a healthy life. Various exercises that are good for the triceps and biceps could be carried out with no weights.
One particular exercise for the legs would be to stand with your feet shoulder length away from each other and then squat lower simply by bending your knees. Hiring a trainer is always a good idea if at all possible if even just for a few sessions to learn proper form and technique. It helps with weight control thereby reducing the risk of developing several diseases, improves cardiovascular functioning, aids with muscle mass and bone strength and also has psychological benefits. It is should more correctly be referred to as strength training but since weights are often used to achieve the desired effect, it is referred to as weight training. The reality is that any exercise program should incorporate a bit of both cardiovascular exercise and weight training. This course offers guidance on designing strength training programs specifically for seniors and includes literature research review, principles of specific weight training exercises, modifications for older adults and special populations and considerations for age related conditions.
Aging adult’s weight training workouts is one way to enhance balance and movement, and may also get rid of several muscle problems. For greatest results, these arm exercises must be done with light weights that work extremely well without having any strain. Lots of senior individuals have vulnerable bodies, meaning an excessive amount of exercising may cause serious joint injuries. I have listed the following general guidelines for strength training for the older adult population:Older adults can typically train up to using 70 to 80 percent of their maximum resistance.

These are just some of the main advantages of regular exercise in the elderly and is equally effective for younger people. Cardiovascular exercise simply means that the heart and lungs have to work harder and faster to cater for the increased energy needs of the body.
At the clinic we will review therapy concerns about traditional exercises and programs, modifications for the senior population and advanced exercise analysis. Unfortunately many people only consider exercise as a regular activity with advancing age, taking the health in youth for granted.
Weight training increases the muscle mass and muscle endurance to function even in the absence of an increased oxygen supply (anaerobic).
The question that often comes up is whether one should opt for cardiovascular or weight training exercises. The resistance may be in the form of heavy weights thereby depending on gravity for the force, elastic or tension bands or hydraulic force.
Often activities such as swimming are lauded for having the best of both words – cardiovascular and strength training (water resistance). In order to distinguish between these forms of physical activity, it is important to first understand the meaning of cardiovascular and weight training exercises.
Another benefit of strength training is enhanced glucose metabolism which reduces the risk for diabetes. This is especially important for the elderly due to the age-related risk of hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes mellitus, sarcopenia (muscle wasting) and osteoporosis (brittle bones). Since older adults are at a higher risk for certain cardiovascular problems, it is always a good idea that they get their physician's approval before they start a strength training program. And as a reminder, it is always wise to check with your doctor prior to beginning a strength training program, especially if health risks do exist. One should only consider starting an exercise program after seeking the approval of their family doctor.

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