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Gastric banding, also called stomach banding or Lap Band surgery, is the process of placing a synthetic band around the upper portion of the stomach. The primary procedure that utilizes stomach banding is gastric banding surgery, more commonly known as lap band surgery.
For more information about each of the investigational procedures, see our Experimental Weight Loss Surgery Procedures page. The remainder of this page reviews only the more established and widely accepted types of bariatric surgery.

Click here to find and schedule a free in-person seminar or one-on-one consultation with a qualified weight loss surgeon in your area. Alternatively, contact an experienced local qualified surgeon that performs both lap band and gastric bypass surgery. The Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), also called gastric sleeve surgery, is the newest addition to the short list of Established & Generally Accepted Types of Weight Loss Surgery. It tends to result in greater and more consistent weight loss among patients along with a greater reduction in obesity-related health problems, but it may carry a higher risk of complications.

However, over time some patients' stomach pouch or stoma (the opening between the stomach and small intestines) can stretch causing significant weight regain.

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