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All of which explains the excitement that Vanquish, previewed at the recent American Academy of Dermatology meeting in Miami Beach, has been generating. The Vanquish™ applicator delivers RF energy selectively into fat layers, while restricting the delivery of high heat elsewhere, providing optimal penetration of the fat layers and maximizing the results.  Studies have shown circumferential reduction of 2 inches or more in the abdomen after treatment. Vanquish™ targets the stomach, love handles and problem areas that diet and exercise don’t fix.
Vanquish uses a delivery system called Selective RF (radiofrequency) to direct high-frequency energy to fat cells without affecting muscle, skin, or other nearby tissue. Additionally, the Vanquish radiofrequency is selectively tuned to heat fat cells, essentially bypassing skin and muscle.
If you would like to witness the results of Vanquish and Exilis yourself, call either our Steiner Ranch or Pflugerville location to schedule a consultation.
Well, come September, a new fat-reduction machine will be available to help fulfill that wish—and this one may actually work.

If you can’t lose those last inches and you’re not a candidate for surgery, the Vanquish™ cellulite reduction treatment is your answer. Each Vanquish™ treatment takes an average of 30 minutes and most patients need three to four treatments.
This machine delivers pleasant treatments and provides superior improvement to cellulite, tightens aging skin and reduces volume. Myers patients, Vanquish uses the non-invasive Selective RF™ system to reduce fat without even touching your body.
This allows the Vanquish to treat the entire area to the same temperature, leaving it with a smooth contour without bulges or dimples. Exilis uses the same technology as Vanquish but is a hand-held system designed for treating smaller areas of the body, even on the face and neck.
The Czech-made Vanquish device uses so-called "focused-field radio frequency" to zap fat without ever touching the patient’s body. So far, Vanquish is only intended for treatment of the abdomen, love handles, and back fat, at a projected cost of $2,000 for four treatments.

Using a pulse of directed energy, Vanquish effectively kills fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues or skin. Thanks to the Vanquish system from BTL, which uses radio frequencies to target the fat layer under your skin, painless fat removal is possible.
Patients who have had Vanquish treatments report high levels of satisfaction with their abdominal contours. What makes the Vanquish unique is the treatment area is the largest in the industry, essentially treating the entire stomach region all at once. Just 4 simple Vanquish treatments can reduce or eliminate the appearance of a "muffin top" or love handles.

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