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Contrary to what most people have believed for decades and to what specialists have told us about losing weight with fruits and vegetables, a new study is suggesting that these have not much to do with weight loss, unless the person has a specific diet plan.  The University of Alabama at Birmingham, began this study with its researchers and their findings state that eating more vegetable or fruits, while you still eat the same amounts of other foods, will not lead to weight loss. Kathryn Kaiser, who is the leader of this study, said “across the board, all studies that we reviewed showed a near zero effect on weight loss.
Fruits and vegetables, do provide a lot of vitamins and other nutrients that our bodies need, which means that they will not harm us if we eat more of them, but we will most likely not lose more weight.  If you were to follow a diet plan, made out of only fruits and vegetables or reduce the amounts of foods that you eat and add more vegetables and fruits, you may have a chance of losing some weight, but as always you need to stay focused and working out a little bit, will help too.
Losing weight is no easy task, so try to stay motivated and find the best diet plan for you.  These techniques have already worked for millions of people around the world and they will for you too.
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Studies about nutrition, dieting and weight loss that receive media coverage often feature sensational headlines that jump to the wrong conclusions.
It’s true that this recent study by researchers from the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) concluded that eating more fruits and vegetables had no effect on weight loss.
Eating more fruits and vegetables is associated with weight loss because apples, bananas, carrots and spinach have fewer calories by weight than meat, refined grain products and processed foods.

The idea of replacing calorie dense foods with fruits and vegetables to lose weight may seem like a no-brainer, but this too is an erroneous assumption. After analyzing data collected from more than 1200 participants in seven studies examining the effects of increasing fruit and vegetable intake on weight loss, the UAB researchers said their results show increased fruit and vegetable consumption “per se” does not reduce body weight. They also found that even though simply boosting fruit and vegetable consumption alone doesn’t correlate with weight loss, the increase in servings does not increase weight either. The truth is, reducing calorie density by eating more fruits and vegetables is the simplest approach to managing a healthy weight without hunger and deprivation. As you boost your fruit and vegetable consumption, remember that variety is as important as quantity.
A case in point is a recent study published with headlines such as “Why eating fruits and vegetables won’t make you thin” (Fox News), and “Eating more fruits and vegetables has no effect on weight loss” (Tech Times).
But the reason for this finding, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, was that people in the study simply added fruit and vegetables calories without decreasing their energy intake from other foods. Replacing these calorie dense foods with fruits and vegetables allows you to eat the amount of food you’re accustomed to while reducing your total calories.

As the Alabama study shows, when people are told eating more fruits and vegetables inevitably leads to weight loss, unless its made clear that results require trading high calorie density for low calorie density, they just won’t get it.
It’s also the common sense approach to good nutrition that can help lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, and even prevent some types of cancer. Eat plenty of different colors everyday (dark leafy greens, bright red, yellow and orange vegetables and fruits) to get the blend of nutrients your body needs.
Instead, the idea of eating more fruits and vegetables is getting the same treatment as any other fleeting diet fad. Choose other vegetables that are packed with more nutrients and more slowly digested carbohydrates.

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