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Dr Mehmet Oz today offered to help 'drain the swamp' of unscrupulous marketers using his name to peddle so-called miracle pills and cure-alls to millions of Americans desperate to lose weight.Appearing before the Senate's consumer protection panel, Oz was scolded by Chairman Claire McCaskill for claims he made about weight-loss aids on his TV show, 'The Dr. WITH HELP FROM TWITTER Claire McCaskill, the senator who attacked Dr Oz for supporting weight-loss supplements, showed people just how it should be done - by losing weight with healthy eating and exercise.'I'm tired of looking and feeling fat.

Then, he addresses each of these roadblocks by applying the latest research and theories that have emerged since his last best-seller on the same topic, The Ultimate Weight Solution (Free Press; September, 2003).
This book reveals the truth about why some people haven't been able to lose weight in the past and gives readers important cognitive, behavioral, environmental, social and nutritional tools to finally reach their weight loss goals.

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