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Scientists are lending a helping hand to overweight men who have difficulty staying away from unhealthy food: get your heart rate up a few times per week and you’ll improve your health more than you would by losing weight through dietary changes. Exercise fills you upI’m not saying that you shouldn’t make changes to your diet if you eat unhealthy food, but conversely, it is perhaps easier to motivate yourself to engage in a bit of physical activity than it is to change your entire diet.Pernille NordbyAccording to Nordby, the new study also suggests that exercise not only makes our bodies healthier. Exercise affects intestinal hormoneFactsYou can safely start exercising on your own with intervals of high intensity which leaves you out of breath.

When the researcher dug deeper into the literature for an explanation of why exercise makes us feel full, she came across a Danish study from 2010, which showed that exercise affects an intestinal hormone called GLP-1, which has attracted the attention of obesity researchers.
Here one must start by getting the weight down through dietary changes, and then start exercising when possible.

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