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When we talk about using images to help improve traffic to a blog most of us only think about using images inside blog posts and tagging it properly. My process is quite simple, all I need to do is look for a very cool image that has potential for going viral, add it to image sharing sites like Flickr and ask people to use it however they want as long as they credit me for it by linking back to my blog. Lesson: Take quality images of nature around you and submit them to image sharing sites like Flickr with a requirement that anyone who uses it link back to your blog. In other words, I write short reports completely branded and designed to direct people to my blog and I submit them to the top document sharing sites online with hope of it going viral.
I know most of you are surprised by the idea of including guest blogging on this list and are already wondering if guest blogging is really unique; the answer is yes and no. We’re all familiar with the idea of guest blogging because of the fact that it is currently the most used traffic generation tactic online today. John Smith is an expert blogger that reviews laithwaites wine promo code and also reviews WSJwine promo code. Discover the secrets I used to take my small blog from a few visitors to hundreds of thousands, and how I made millions along the way! John Chow rocketed onto the blogging scene when he showed the income power of blogging by taking his blog from making zero to over $40,000 per month in just two years. To keep myself inspired to lose weight, I started buying magazines such as Shape, Fitness, and Women’s Health. As dumb and obvious as it sounds, I have learned that eating an extra apple one day will not cause me to gain weight.
RFFMBT is based off of my 80 lb weight loss journey, and is filled with healthy recipes, workout tips, inspiration, fun fitness fashion, and fitness DIY projects to inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals of a healthy life!

The problem is that most people who use guest blogging hardly use it with thoughts for the future; most people only guest blog to gain an influx of visitors to their blogs and they forget about it after a few days of writing the guest post. Experts are busy and unique people and before they take their time to be featured on your blog or share your post with their audience it means your approach must be smart. My obsession with the cute cuddly creatures wasn’t the only factor that came to play when naming this blog. The night of my birthday party, I was so nervous to eat or drink anything in fear of gaining weight, so I just pushed everything around on my plate and only sipped on water. I stumbled upon numerous blogs by young women who had similar stories after losing a substantial amount of weight and were willing to share with the world.
I am not one of those naturally thin girls who gained the freshman 15, or gained weight after having children. I became so inspired by the women who were brave enough to confront their problems and blog about their story, journey, and recovery to optimal health. You’d have heard about some of these tactics before and you might not have heard about some of them, but they work and I have been able to use them to successfully grow my weight loss blog. In other words, I mainly use guest blogging to build backlinks to my weight loss blogs; these backlinks end up improving my rankings for certain keywords in the search engines and these keywords send me traffic for years. My parents never criticized me for my weight, what I ate, how I dressed, and always supported my insane ideas. Later that night, I was hanging out with my family, watching some awesomely terrible reality TV, when my dad said “I think I’m going to try Nutrisystem, my buddy did it and dropped a ton of weight and has kept it off.” I looked at him in that very moment and said “I’ll do it with you!” and my dad’s reply, “Ok, but you actually have to do it and follow the plan if we order it.
After being an avid blog reader, I felt that it was my time to share my story with the world.

Even when my weight started to creep up, they never acknowledged it or pressured me to lose weight. It was a measly apple, but I was so used to staying so perfectly on plan and measuring everything out precisely with a food scale, that I truly believed that I had ruined my weight loss path. I fell in love with the support and devotion of the blogging community and feel like it has contributed so much to my new outlook on food, exercise, and health. Because of my parents, I truly believe that weight loss will happen when the time is right. I went to my doctor, who ran a panel of blood tests for autoimmune diseases and test my blood sugar. I became so obsessed with trying to lose more weight and have a perfect body that I started severely restricting my calories. The Nutrisystem program was the perfect kick start to my weight loss and healthy eating, but it was time to continue on my own. I became so obsessed with dieting and losing weight that it was all I thought about, day and night. People were really starting to notice my weight loss and I was becoming happier and more confident each and every day.
I was at my lowest weight of 100lbs and it wasn’t until I noticed my ribcage strangely poking out of my chest and that sitting on hard surfaces became so uncomfortable on my sharp tailbone that I realized what I was doing was wrong.

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