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admin | Exercise Routine To Lose Weight | 05.02.2015
I’ve been following your blog for some years now, and I have to say, I am so inspired by your weight loss story.
I know that many of you may have missed my weight-loss blog before I merged it with my homeschool blog, so I wanted to share some of my favorite weight loss tips and posts. Opportunity Cost – This post is for all those people who think that weight-loss is about dieting and deprivation. 10 Easy Changes to Improve Your Health – Weight-loss doesn’t have to be one huge overhaul of every aspect of your life – well, not all at once anyway.

Eating Healthy and Feeding the Family Without Becoming a Short Order Cook – Another common excuse for not losing weight is having to continue to cook for a family who is not impressed with new healthy food choices. Top Ten Tips for Losing Weight – This post shares some my best tips, based on my experience, for losing weight. And, for the record, I was telling someone just yesterday that, once you retrain your mind and your taste buds, losing weight or maintaining your weight-loss really does get easier because you really don’t want a bunch of the junk you used to eat.
This post offers ten relatively easy-to-implement tips that can combine to result in successful weight-loss.

It may require losing some weight first because, goodness knows, I don’t think I could have run at my heaviest, but I do think that most non-runners can become runners.

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