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These sample weight training programs are designed to develop increased muscle mass and lean weight.
Whilst these hypertrophy weight training programs increase muscle and mass, they do not result in the nervous system adaptations that occur with maximal strength training - such as increased recruitment of fast twitch fibers and better synchronization of the muscles involved in the action (1). This Olympic weightlifting routine is an example of how Olympic-style lifts can be incorporated into a strength training program.
It is designed for individuals who have little Olympic lifting experience but who do have a significant strength base.

No Substitute For Proper CoachingCompared to traditional weightlifting exercises, such as bench presses, squats and shoulder presses, Olympic lifts and associated lifts are complex movements. Before any amount of significant weight is added, athletes should practise Olympic-style lifts until co-ordination and technique is correct. As mentioned earlier, athletes not used to Olympic lifts should use a light enough weight so that technique is correct. Sample Olympic Weightlifting RoutineThe following Olympic weightlifting routine is not sport-specific.

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