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Viva Low Carb has been serving the low carb and diabetic community since 2004 with their online store and retail store in Sante Fe Springs, CA. Viva Low Carb is dedicated to helping ourselves and everyone else who needs to be in a low sugar and low carbohydrate lifestyle. Whether you visit their website or retail store in Santa Fe Springs, CA, Rossana, John and their dedicated staff will take care of your low carb, sugar free and diabetic-friendly food needs.
And if you have a retail store or know of a retail store in your area that wants to sell a wider range of low carb foods, Health Express Dist.

Our friends Viva Low Carb have over 1,400 low carb items to support your low carb lifestyle.
They carry over 1,300 low carb products and they are always looking for the latest and greatest sugar free foods to help you live your low carb lifestyle. Now is a great time to stock up on low carb foods like low carb bake mixes, low carb desserts, low carb snacks, low carb beverages, low carb breads, and much, much, more. Health Express is also their own brand name of products including low carb breads, sugar free pancake syrups, candies and chocolates, pizzas, and much more.

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