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Appears to summarize and link to all of her information - from books, papers, YouTube videos, and podcasts. But quality and cost are not the only issues with magnesium: Some forms are better absorbed than others.
In the soil Nitric Acid reacts with Calcium and Magnesium to neutralise excess nitric acid. Eventually Calcium and Magnesium become depleted and the nitric acid reacts with Aluminium oxide in the soil. IBS, leaky gut, gluten and casein sensitivities, funguses & parasites, vitamin D deficiency and the formation of Magnesium soaps in the stools as Magnesium binds to unabsorbed fats. Oxalic acid in rhubarb, spinach and chard and phytic acid in cereals and soy also block absorption of Magnesium.
Saturated and trans fats alter cell wall integrity, making it more rigid which affects receptor site function and prevents nutrients from getting into or out of the cell. About twenty five percent of the energy that is used for our bodies is the balance of calcium and magnesium and another twenty five percent is for potassium and sodium balance. In 1997, the National Academy of Sciences set a tolerable upper limit (UL) on intake of magnesium at 350 milligrams per day for individuals 9 years and older. We also believe that 70-90% of the population is deficient in magnesium and has a lot of catching up to do (could take more than a year). Preventing and treating magnesium deficiency, and certain conditions related to magnesium deficiency. The latest survey of magnesium (Mg) intakes of Americans (NHANES) indicates the majority of Americans have Mg intakes below the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) in all age and race groups tested. Apparently, Mg is better absorbed from foods than from supplements and Mg absorption varies with the degree of Mg deficiency. Besides these two reviews, any scientist interested in Vitamin D and the immune system should read Interactions between magnesium and vitamin D: possible implications in the immune system.

Two interesting cases of Mg dependent Vitamin D-resistant rickets appeared in the Lancet in 1974.
What is not known is how mild to moderate Mg deficiencies (like most Americans apparently have) affect Vitamin D metabolism. Again, the wisest thing to do is to eat raw green leafy vegetables and a handful of seeds every day as that combination contains the co-factors Vitamin D needs. The overall conclusion was that 76% of the female participants reported a >25% decline in hot flash frequency and severity. Magnesium deficiency is seen with some frequency in the outpatient setting and requires oral repletion or maintenance therapy. Published data on the bioavailability of various Mg preparations is too fragmented and scanty to inform proper choice of Mg preparation for clinical studies.
Increased stress results in decreased stomach acid and decreased hydrochloric acid in the stomach results in decreased absorption of Magnesium. This limit was restricted, however, to magnesium obtained from dietary supplements, and no upper limit was set on intake of magnesium from food sources. A number of people have written about muscle cramps after they start sunbathing or taking Vitamin D.
Mg is at the heart of the chlorophyll molecule, which is why green vegetables are a good Mg source. Ramon Medalle and colleagues at the Washington University School of Medicine described five patients with Mg deficiency and low blood calcium whose calcium blood levels would not return to normal after Vitamin D treatment, a condition known as Vitamin D resistance.
The safe thing to do is to eat green leafy vegetables and a handful of sunflower seeds every day (Trader Joe's sells a variety of seeds). Please note that this will help supply the body with the nutrients that vitamin D needs, but is not satisfactory to prevent or treat the deficiency of these nutrients in which so many Americans are deficient. The purpose of this study was to measure the bioavailability of four commercially-available preparations of magnesium, and to test the claim that organic salts are more easily absorbed.

In this study, the relative bioavailability of three preparations of Mg (amino?acid chelate, citrate and oxide) were compared at a daily dose of 300 mg of elemental Mg in 46 healthy individuals. This is likely caused from the neuromuscular hyperexcitability of magnesium deficiency that is somehow unmasked by higher Vitamin D levels. 600,000 IU of Vitamin D daily for ten days did not result in any improvement in six weeks—in either x-rays or alkaline phosphatase—and the doctors diagnosed Vitamin D-resistant rickets. Remember, these children took a total of 6 million units, that's a total of 6,000,000 IU of vitamin D over ten days (it was given as injections so we know the children actually took it). However, serum calcium promptly returned to normal in all five patients after treatment with Mg, raising the possibility that such Vitamin D resistance may be caused from simple, but severe, Mg deficiency. If you can't, won't, or don't end up doing that, then take a Vitamin D supplement with added Mg. The richest source by far on a per gram basis is dried seeds, like pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds, containing between 340–535 mg per 100 gram serving.
It is also required in each of the steps concerned with replication, transcription, and translation of genetic information, and thus it is also needed for the genetic mechanism of action of Vitamin D. Urine, blood and saliva samples were taken at baseline, 24 h after the first Mg supplement was taken (acute‘ supplementation) and after 60 days of daily Mg consumption (chronic‘ supplementation). Results showed that supplementation of the organic forms of Mg (citrate and amino?acid chelate) showed greater absorption (P ? 0.033) at 60 days than MgO, as assessed by the 24?h urinary Mg excretion. Disturbances of vitamin D metabolism and action during clinical and experimental magnesium deficiency.

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