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Comprehensive FDA list of foods containing vitamin E One thing that jumps out at me from this list is the diversity. Vitamin E has also shown promise in protecting from low-level radiation, at least in animal studies. Many other foods, herbs and supplements have shown some efficacy in helping to protect against radiation poisoning.
I’m a great fan of Brazil nuts, but they are naturally one of the more radioactive foods available, due to their tendency to take up radium. It thus mimics how potassium gets metabolized in the body and can enter through many foods, including milk.
Based on these experiments, the most effective and practical method for reducing the uptake of cesium-137 into food crop products was to treat agricultural areas with potassium fertilizer (KCl).
Writing in the International Journal of Low Radiation, Hayes explains that calcitriol, the active form of vitamin D, may protect us from background radiation and could be used as a safe protective agent before or after a low-level nuclear incident. But what many parents will be alarmed to learn is that a worrying amount of "junk" can be in some of these supposedly healthy food supplements.

Last year the Food Commission, which campaigns for safer, healthier food, found that many medicines for babies and children contain artificial colours, sweeteners and other additives. As well as looking for products with the best levels of vitamins and minerals, she discovered that many supplements contain a wide range of additives. Sanatogen Kids A-Z strawberry flavour, for instance, has Ponceau 4R, and both strawberry and blackcur-rant flavoured Bassetts Soft & Chewy Vitamins A, C, D and E have Allura Red AC.
These are two of the additives the Foods Standards Agency recently warned parents to be careful about because of possible links with hyperactivity in children. As Anna Glayzer of Action on Additives, a campaign set up by the Food Commission, said: "It is ridiculous that some supplement manufacturers choose to include entirely unnecessary ingredients that could affect susceptible children.
Because vitamins themselves are so small, manufacturers also use bulking agents or 'fillers' - such as maltodextrin - to build up the vitamins into something the public would recognise as pill-sized.
But you won't find it easy to identify the additives on supplement labels because, as with food labels, manufacturers can choose whether to list the chemical name or its E number. The Health Food Manufacturers' Association points out that "the industry has always steered clear of artificial colours, artificial antioxidants and preservatives".

BioCare have come up with a fruitflavoured and filler-free powder that can be stirred into children's food.
Supplement labels usually display a full list of ingredients as well as a table of active ingredients and a "free from" list of ingredients. The Food Standards Agency recently recommended that the six artificial colours linked with hyperactivity should be phased out by 2009.
A spokesperson said Bassetts Soft and Chewy vitamins will have only natural colours and flavours by September this year.

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