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Although a full-blown deficiency of B6 is extremely rare, multiple studies have found that even mild deficiencies of the vitamin can have serious health consequences. Vitamin B6, like the rest of the B-complex vitamins, is water soluble and cannot be stored by your body. Working together, the eight B vitamins help to convert the foods you eat into the energy your body needs to function properly.

Earlier studies indicated that B6 together with other B vitamins helped to reduce homocysteine levels. In order to ensure adequate levels of the vitamin, you must replenish your supply of B6 on a daily basis, either through the foods you eat or by supplement. Collectively, the B vitamins also promote healthy nervous system function and support the health of your eyes, hair, liver and skin.

Following a treatment period of just over seven years, the incidence of macular degeneration was significantly lower among those receiving the B vitamins than those who got the placebo.

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