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Salad greens and herbs have a large carbon footprint so are your first choices to help the environment. Every gardener dreams of the perfect garden location; one with full sun, fertile soil and good drainage. Below are vegetables that will tolerate a light shade, but they generally will provide a smaller harvest and the fruit will be smaller. The list below will grow fairly well with the three hours or more of sun, or even in a situation where sun filters through trees, shrubs etc. Vegetables and herbs that are grown in shade may also take longer to mature than those grown in full sun, which should be kept in mind when planning out harvest times.

Consider planting in a raised bed such as a “Pyramid Raised Bed Garden that will take up less room and perhaps can be placed where the sun is more pronounced.
Veggie Gardener is a website dedicated to growing vegetables in the home garden including vegetable gardening tips, how-tos, composting, growing tomatoes, product reviews, seed starting, harvesting, herbs, pest guides and much more. Wild leeks and fiddlehead ferns are two of the few vegetable plants that can take a heavily shaded location. Test out the vegetables mentioned and keep notes on what does well, and what doesn’t from year to year.
Light shade means they will get at least three hours or more of sun at some point during the day.

Notice the list is primarily leafy vegetables and herbs, which goes along with the rule of thumb I mentioned earlier. When a plant is grown for the fruit or the root it’s generally known to need full sun. All shade is not the same, so it’s not quite that cut and dried, but the following lists will give an idea of what can be grown in less sunny locations.

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