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Female Marine recruits stand in formation during boot camp February 25, 2013 at MCRD Parris Island, South Carolina. Starting with the new year, all female Marines were supposed to be able to do at least three pullups on their annual physical fitness test and eight for a perfect score.
In fall 2012, only two female Marines volunteered for the 13-week infantry officers training course at Quantico, Virginia, and both failed to complete it. More than half of the women in the Marines’ boot camp cannot complete three pull-ups, the minimum requirement for the New Year. I don't want to be the wounded soldier left in the line of fire because my female comrade doesn't have the upper body strength to fireman carry me out of there. So I'm guessing the PC police will be protesting the fact that the females, since they are unable to perform equally to the men, need to have their pay adjusted accordingly. All I can say is thank God I'm not in a fox hole with one of the affirmative action wannabes.

James Amos wants training officials to "continue to gather data and ensure that female Marines are provided with the best opportunity to succeed," Capt. All female enlisted Marines and male Marines who were living east of the Mississippi River when they were recruited attend boot camp at Parris Island. The requirement was tested in 2013 on female recruits at Marine Corps Recruit Depot in South Carolina, but only 45 per cent of women met the minimum, Krebs said.
Now I can see how powerful countries fail, they adopt idiotic policies that were invented by idiots. Did it even come to anyones mind that females are generally smaller then males, even if they do pull up three times they are only pulling up 120 - 150 lbs, average burly male between 180 - 220 lbs.
21, 2013 file photo shows female recruits at the Marine Corps Training Depot on Parris Island, S.C. Maureen Krebs, a Marine spokeswoman, said Thursday.Starting with the new year, all female Marines were supposed to be able to do at least three pullups on their annual physical fitness test and eight for a perfect score.

As a woman, I can absolutely guarantee you that if you are in the USMC acceptable weight range for an average man, ie  250 pounds or less without a waiver, I can not only pull you out of a burning whatever but I can carry you a long ways off. Those are just the hard facts - myself  at 220lbs and doing easily 10 pull-ups that means 110 lbs per arm, benching 300 lbs and most females can not bench even 80 lbs. They will not be fighting - they will be dying. I'll make it easier, females did serve in combat in WW2, but their death rate was far higher then males, that somehow seems to be left out.

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