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As has been noted in accompanying articles, true success in sculpting the body through lifestyle changes requires a combined approach of resistance training, cardio and diet. Though the evidence shows this amount of protein to be adequate for meeting the body’s metabolic requirements for amino acids, the FitnessRx Ultimate Muscle, Fat-loss Diet deviates from these suggestions by recommending a higher amount of protein. One gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day is the guideline for the FitnessRx Ultimate Muscle, Fat-loss Diet. The Fat Shredder Formula: Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and Lose Weight Fast (The Ultimate Fat Loss Diet) - Kindle edition by Avery Scott. Though there are shelves lined with diet books, most deal with weight loss in general, the authors not comprehending that many people not only want to be healthy, but also look good. Building muscle is an anabolic response and losing fat is catabolic, yet the goal is to have both happen in the same environment.

One must consume a hypocaloric diet (providing fewer calories than are burned in a day) and exercise. Exercising in the prescribed manner, first thing in the morning will greatly enhance the amount of calories from fat weight burned during exercise.
Figuring out the calorie content of food can be a hassle, especially when dining out, so those truly wanting to succeed at fat loss will often prepare most of their meals. The calorie contribution of 180 grams of protein is 720 calories, leaving a little over 1,000 calories, which will be divided fairly evenly between carbohydrates and fats. Of course, for most individuals, losing fat is the greatest concern, so the emphasis will be placed on that phase. Drinking a half-liter of water actually increases the neurotransmitters that signal fat release from the fat cells.3 Also, drinking ice water forces the body to generate more heat to bring the water up to body temperature, another source of calorie wasting.

In the season of exposed skin, rolls and dimples aren’t easily hidden, making fat loss and toning major— though delayed, priorities.
The general rule of thumb (not counting any excess water loss during exercise) is 64 ounces a day of water.

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