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Leave the boring stuffing for the turkey and serve this decadent side dish alongside your Thanksgiving favorites.
The most difficult part of this recipe will be either finding turkey pieces or cutting the turkey yourself. Prepare the turkey pieces by rubbing the skin with olive oil and sprinkling generously with salt and pepper.
Nope, that won’t work with this one because all of the drippings get soaked up by the stuffing. So good, in fact, that this is now my go-to recipe for stuffing, and I am making this for Thanksgiving tomorrow, baking it on the side instead of stuffing the bird.
According to this article by Denise Vivaldo, you can cut up a turkey into pieces (or buy pre-cut pieces) and bake them on top of a dish full of stuffing. I found pre-cut turkey pieces at Whole Foods and, of course, I paid an arm and a leg for them.
Enough fat drips into the dressing from the turkey that the bacon fat wasn’t all that necessary in the end… but it sure did taste good! Again, you can probably skip the bacon if you want because the turkey renders enough fat the keep the dressing nice and moist.

My local store was overstocked on turkeys so they quartered them and sold for 48 cents per pound.
I made it last night, except I used a separated chicken instead of turkey and used one of my wire cooling racks to suspend them above the stuffing; it was a huge hit and everyone wanted the recipe! I would just combine everything without cooking and let it cook while it’s in the oven with the turkey.
I’ve never seen cut-up turkey pieces around here (I’d prefer dark) so breasts will have to do! I made everything according to the recipe, but I’m using chicken leg quarters instead of the turkey pieces.
He was so sweet and patient with her in those last years they cooked together for us.I started buying sale turkey so I could cut it up and freeze parts just for this purpose. The herb infused steam from the stuffing bakes into the meat and the drippings from the turkey flavor and moisten the stuffing… and it all takes a fraction of the time that it takes to cook a whole turkey! A whole turkey will usually cost less than $1 per pound and I paid $2.49 per pound for my pieces.
As it turns out, I dramatically underestimated the amount of juices that the turkey would give off and 2 cups was far too much.

When I took the chicken off the pan, I threw the pan of stuffing under the broiler for a few minutes to get the top crusty and crispy, it was SO GOOD. Turkey breast was also available at the butcher, but I like dark meat so this is what I chose. If it’s not worth it for you, you can follow these step by step photo instructions on how to cut your own turkey into pieces.
This recipe would work with any leftover stuffing or turkey you have on hand, and if you don’t have mushrooms or spinach, you could also toss in some asparagus, chopped green beans or kale. The turkey skin should be brown and crispy and the stuffing should be bubbling around the edges.
This will allow the stuffing to soak up some of the moisture and solidify, as well as the turkey juices to redistribute within the meat.

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