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But, while many women obsess over Christian Louboutin's crystal-embellished pumps or Tori Burch's ballet flats, the passion doesn't quite seem to cross over into the workout shoe realm.
Scoring shoes that won't leave you with a limp means ditching the "one size fits all" motto. From a quick warm-up run to marathon training and sprints, Puma Shintai Runner Cat athletic shoes give you the lightweight comfort to go the distance. Whatever the reason, it's rare to hear a group of women gushing over Nike's new cross-trainers or New Balance's latest running shoe.

Especially since the right workout shoes can make your legs look better than any Brian Atwood peep-toes could.
I was having problems with my shoes at the gym just this afternoon now I know what to look for. We know that even basic sneaker jargon can be confusing, which is why we are bringing you this shortcut. We chatted with top fitness footwear experts and found the best workout shoes for each type of sport.

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