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Who needs a pricey personal trainer that screams at you when you can have a professional trainer in your smartphone. A right app can make exercise fun, calculate your calorie intake, count your burned calories and do just about anything a fitness tracker does. Like the name suggests Workout Trainer is an app that guides and motivate you through various workout regime.

The fitness freak at TECHLOON have compiled a list of their favorite Apps that could make the body of your dreams a reality. The App is designed for people who are looking to tone their body and gain muscles in a particular part of the body. All you need to do is plug in your headphone and you are all set to rock a workout with your own fitness trainer. Nexercise is a fun app that rewards you with point for your every work out and later you can redeem those points for gifts or coupons.

You can keep track of your progress, and every minute you workout with the app, you rack up minutes and get rewards. The simple app initially asks for details like your height, weight and fitness goals, just fill required information and that’s it.

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