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I love chili con carne and find myself making it often, either as a tasty treat for myself or as a shared meal for my husband and I. To make the chili bowls, you will need to spritz low carb tortillas with nonstick cooking spray then drape them over upturned ovenproof bowls (I have metal ones) and they will hold that shape and get crisp.
The exact number of carbs will depend which of the optional ingredients you use, as well as your brand of hot sauce, whether you use low-carb cream and so on, so it’s better just to say this recipe was created with the diabetic eater in mind. If you’re cooking for a crowd you could rustle up some white rice to serve to the non low-carbers or even regular tortillas as well as the low carb ones. Print Easy Diabetic Chili Recipe This low carb chili recipe is ideal for diabetics and low-carb eaters.

If you’re out to eat, remove that second tortilla from each taco or ask them not to double up. You can tweak this chili to your heart’s content, swapping the ground beef for chicken or pork, adding more spice (or less!) or swapping the tortilla bowls for homemade tortilla chips. It boasts ground beef, tomatoes, kidney beans, garlic, and more, and is served in a crispy tortilla shell for maximum visual appeal. My husband is diabetic, so I needed to find a tasty low carb chili recipe which would taste good and look appetizing, and that is when I came up with this one. But back to the chili – this makes a nice dish for anyone who is diabetic or following a low carb diet for whichever reason.

As we ate the chili, we broke off pieces of the tortilla to enjoy by dipping it into the chili and sour cream.
You could even use a pizza cutter to slice tortillas into strips and scatter those over the finished dish.

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