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This post is a bit different from the standard fare you find on my blog, but it is about two of my passions: acting and chemistry. In any event, I recently played the role of Abraham Van Helsing in Anderson Mainstage Theatre’s production of Dracula. I wasn’t crazy about the students using laptops in my class, mostly because I think they can be distracting for the students using them. But the longer the hole persists, the greater the likelihood that the ozone layer is dominated by natural factors, not human CFC emissions. If you think you already know everything about the world, you are not a good scientist, and if you think you know all there is to know about God, then your religious faith is at fault. It is a common statement made in many discussions of how Copernicus revolutionized our understanding of the universe. Of all discoveries and opinions, none may have exerted a greater effect on the human spirit than the doctrine of Copernicus. NOTE: Based on comments below by Glenn (who is mentioned in the article) and Aceofspades25, there are questions regarding the analysis used in Dr.
The new study was done because last year, a computer programmer of financial trading algorithms (Glenn Williamson) discovered a bug in the BLAST algorithm that Tomkins used. To make sure that these new results aren’t an artifact of some other unknown issue in the BLAST computer program, Dr. I think this is the most comprehensive comparison of human and chimpanzee DNA that has been done, so I am inclined to take the results (88% similarity between human and chimpanzee DNA) as the best number we have to date.
Since today is Columbus Day, I thought I would discuss a myth commonly associated with the man.
We know, for example, that philosophers understood the spherical shape of the earth long before Christ was born. The moon during the recent eclipse as seen by a camera (left) and through a telescope (right).

This is the blog of marine biologist Sherri Seligson, the author of Exploring Creation with Marine Biology. While I disagree with some of the theology on this website, the science discussed is pretty solid.
The author of Science's Blind Spot, Darwin's God, and Darwin's Proof offers his opinions on science and religion. There are so many creative recipes to experiment with in Tracy’s cookbook, I had a hard time deciding. National School Lunch Week (NSLW) 2011 began on Monday and runs through the end of the week. Marine pollutants, agricultural run-off and, above all, global warming, are taking a toll on these fragile marvels of nature…Politicians may be able to deny global warming, corals, sadly, don’t have that option. The world had scarcely become known as round and complete in itself when it was asked to waive the tremendous privilege of being the center of the universe.
Here are a few lunch box ideas that are sure to help give you energy and maintain your healthy diet. It’s amazing the hoops I jump through to get this kid (Sammy) to eat healthy food and to understand the importance of eating nutritious foods for optimized health and brain function. I’m not sure if this is the brand she uses but I think any kinds of bread crumb would work. According to the School Nutrition Association, the theme is meant to provide an opportunity to promote locally sourced foods and encourage things like a harvest-of-the-month menu, meeting with local farmers and planning a school garden. This powerful infographic, “The Childhood Obesity Epidemic,” created by the folks at Master of Arts in Teaching at USC is packed with statistics and facts that might make you think twice.
Tomkins, a former director of the Clemson University Genomics Institute, performed a detailed, chromosome-by-chromosome comparison of human and chimpanzee DNA using a widely-recognized computer program known as BLAST. I have experienced amazing results losing over 60 pounds and a whole host of health issues along the way.

My son on the autism spectrum has been on the diet since 2009 and it has changed the course of his life. And the NSLW resources, like this chart of seasonal foods by region and all-you-need toolkit, will be available online for a while. That is a religious idea…You also have to believe that the universe is real and not an illusion.
Tomkins took this issue seriously and did a detailed analysis of several different versions of the BLAST program. One piece of advice…I think you could just marinate and grill or saute the chicken rather than coating it in breadcrumbs.
So there’s no excuse for you and your school not to get in on the fun of promoting healthier school lunch.
You have to believe that the universe is so good that it is worth spending your life studying it, even if you don’t become rich or famous.
Tracy Griffith nailed it with her creative, hands on cookbook for kids, Stealth Health Lunches Kids Love Irresistible and Nutritious Gluten-Free Sandwiches, Wraps and Other Easy Eats. Getting the kids involved in meal planning, preparation, buying and even growing (plant a garden!) is crucial in helping kids understand the importance of nutrition and getting them on board to try different things so their palate will expand.
Please note, I also serve these on Canyon Bakehouse GF hamburger buns or Go Lo GF tortillas. It’s a lot easier on a busy day than the homemade pita bread featured with the recipe. I bask in the glory of imagining all the nutrients he’s absorbing and the how the antioxidant power of this soup is pulling toxicity from his body.

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