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She is known by her family and friends as a world-class cook, but you would never guess Suzanne Somers' delicious recipes and desserts can also be used as part of her phenomenally successful weight loss plan, Sexy Forever.
This might come as a shock to you, but Suzanne Somers herself said that she has not gone to the gym when she had this diet. The Sexy Forever Recipe Bible provides a stunning compilation of more than 400 delicious classics. She was the creator of the popular ThighMaster personal fitness products and the Suzanne Somers EZ GYM. Aside from that fact that it is formulated by a famous personality, the Suzanne Somers Diet is also gaining popularity in the market for being one of the most trusted plans by several celebrities in Hollywood.

The Suzanne Somers diet remedies the aforementioned by helping you understand why they aren’t losing weight. Suzanne Somers, one of the famous names in Hollywood, has gone more than just acting, for she extended her career towards the fitness and weight loss industry. Although it is not as severe as some other diets in this same nature, it is the kind of fat burner plan that bans several unhealthy foods as well.
The Suzanne Somers plan is an excellent option for those that have tried a myriad of diet plans in the past to no avail. According to Suzanne Somers, she herself has not gone through any rigorous workout exercises just to maintain the kind of body that she currently has.

But Suzanne Somers emphasized that they must be consumed in moderation and you have to be lenient when it comes to combining foods for your diet.

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