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The Hybrid Athlete How to Run guide identifies the most effective training techniques for runners who are just starting out or looking to take their performance to the next level.
A well structured training plan will feature a general conditioning phase that focuses on improving overall fitness, while preparing the body for more rigorous exercise.
Depending on your goals, the amount of time you are committing to training and the type of event you are training for the number of training sessions per week will vary. After establishing a cardiovascular base and consistent training schedule your training sessions should include a mix of long runs, hill intervals, tempo runs, speed intervals, social runs and cross-training workouts into your training program.
This section details the pros and cons of steady state and interval training, and then goes on to provide examples of interval training techniques. To maximize your calorie burn and the utilization of stored fat as energy, consider adding fasted morning workouts to your training routine. Training in this manner can help to improve mobilization of fatty acids during exercise and increase insulin sensitivity afterwards.

Use these recovery techniques to minimize muscle soreness, reduce the likelihood of injury, and prepare your body for the next training session. Learn how to design a training plan, the importance of strength training and how to recover from workouts. Using a training plan to schedule workouts and monitor performance will prepare the mind and body for the rigors of race day. Next, the base phase will present a steady increase in duration or volume of training runs to safely prepare the body to cover longer distances. Training in this manner will add variety to your training sessions keeping you motivated and constantly improving.
Long distance, steady state cardio is required to build stamina allowing the body to sustain performance over an extended period of time. Instead of simply performing traditional cardio intervals or Fartlek’s on the treadmill, with periods of max effort followed by walking or jogging, fill the rest periods with a strength training exercise.

Recreation means fun and there is no reason your cardiovascular training cannot be enjoyable. Upon waking up in the morning, have a glass of water before throwing your shoes on and heading out for a training session. Finally, if you are using a training program in preparation for a specific event, there should be peak and taper phases that allow for fine tuning with respect to performance and conditioning, while decreasing training volume and intensity in the lead up to a race.
Conversely, running to improve fitness or lose weight is best accomplished with interval training techniques. This session can include a short and intense strength workout or a steady state cardio effort of 30-45 minutes.

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