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Project: Sediments as a Non-point Source of Nutrients to Malibu Lagoon Background and Objective Like many southern California estuaries, Malibu Lagoon experiences occasional macroalgal blooms. 3) Estimate ambient benthic nutrient exchange over an annual cycle, as a variety of environmental conditions are observed in the lagoon.
4) Compare the importance of sediment remobilization with the magnitude of other non-point nutrient sources to lagoon.
These data were analyzed to look for seasonal patterns in nutrient concentrations and estimated benthic nutrient flux rates under a variety of environmental conditions. This management success story text was adapted from Effects of Nutrient Enrichment in the Nation's Estuaries: A Decade of Change.
Then determine, to the extent possible, the major anthropogenic sources associated with this deposition. To the extent possible, researchers tried to identify the major anthropogenic (human) sources of nutrient loading to the lagoon. However, net loss of nutrients from sediments during the dry season depleted only about 10% of the amount deposited during the wet season.

Following nutrient reductions, phytoplankton growth decreased, water clarity increased, and seagrass acreage increased to 27,024 acres by 2004.
This recovery food should be full of nutrients and contain both protein and carbohydrate with a limited amount of fat. Methods In order to determine the significance of sediment-derived nutrients relative to other sources, SCCWRP researchers collected sediment cores and water samples throughout the year at five sites within the lagoon.
Finally, they compared the importance of sediment benthic flux with other non-point nutrient sources, such as storm runoff and atmospheric deposition. Carbohydrates are you bodies first energy source and are used for all activities that you are doing. There was a lack of correspondence, though, between the peak periods of nutrient input and the time when blooms were most often observed. At each site, water column analyses were performed for salinity, temperature, DO, total suspended sediment, chlorophyll a, particulate nutrients, particulate carbon, dissolved inorganic nitrogen, dissolved organic nitrogen, and phosphorus. Fats have a high energy yield but are difficult for your body to use, and will cause you to have excess energy which will be stored around your body While carbohydrates are the first energy source that your body uses and the only source your brain is able to use to function.

This led to the hypothesis that wet season sediment inputs to the lagoon can store nutrients, which are later remobilized to surface waters and provide fuel for primary producer growth during dry weather periods. Sediment cores from the same locations were assessed for bulk sediment and pore water concentrations of nutrients and carbon, as well as radionuclide tracers beryllium-7 (a natural radionuclide tracer of short-term sediment deposition) and lead -210 (used to determine the long-term average annual sedimentation rate). Nutrient release from sediments was a significant source to primary producers relative to other non-point inputs during the dry season. Dietrary fibre is another form of carbohydrate and this is used to help with digestion, but there is little or no energy use from these sources. It is mainly involved in muscle repair during recovery, but is also an emergency energy source when your stores run out during exercise. It helps transport the nutrients around your body and is part of the processes that breakdown the nutrients into useable energy for your body.

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