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Pro1 Adjustable Upper Body Exerciser: Versatile and highly adjustable upper body exerciser can be used seated or standing. For more than twenty-five years, physical therapy centers, rehabilitation clinics, hospitals and fitness facilities that are looking for the best and most extensive selection of quality exercise equipment and supplies have turned to SCIFIT. The Scifit PRO2 functions very similar to a bicycle, with the exception that you are able to obtain an upper-body workout. Scifit the company that manufacturers the Scifit PRO2 Sport machine, opened shop in the mid 1990s to focus on developing commercial fitness equipment.

The Scifit PRO2 Sport machine is relatively new to the market, so there are very few reviews available about the equipment. There are several positive aspects of the Scifit PRO2 Sport that leads EER to gives the equipment a thumbs up. As you workout, the equipment automatically changes the resistance to keep you within your ideal target heart rate. The Scifit PRO2 Sport machine is unique in that it enables you to work your upper and lower body while you remain seated.

With this wireless plug-and-play option you have access to preset exercise programs that are stored on a "key." Since the programs are preset, you don't have to worry about adjusting the resistance or modifying your workout.
The amount of power that is generated by the Scifit PRO2 is totally dependent on the amount of energy the user of the equipment provides.

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