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Fluid intake and fluid loss is something which I’ve generally gone on feel and experience (i.e. Ultimate Results Body Wrap KitBody Wrap Ultimate "Results" Kit Start now with a series of wraps for maximum results! During August when we had some good weather, I started to wear a sauna suit over the top of a baselayer and underneath a midlayer to experience some heavy sweating (I know it doesn’t sound great..
My weight was measured before and after and core temperature checked at the start and every fifteen minutes.

However, I was interested in getting a proper taste of the conditions in Greece and some more scientific advice on sweat rates and fluid loss and booked a taster session in a heat chamber in Kingston University. 2% body weight loss (1.38 Kg for me) was considered the point when this would start to seriously impact your performance. However, I’ve banked more miles than before, dropped a bit of weight and seen some better race results during the course of the year. I did have one minor mishap when I over did it slightly after running a 10k lunchtime session, then a 10k evening race followed by a 10k morning session and then died on the 10k lunchtime session wearing the sauna suit during a warm period.

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