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When you want something cold and refreshing, nothing tastes better than a fruit smoothie or icy blended drink. You only need five ingredients and a blender to enjoy this Greek yogurt smoothie featuring tart cherries, sweet bananas, and smooth almond milk.
Not one, not two, but three power foods--carrots, green tea, and chia seeds--kick up the health value of this nondairy smoothie.
This healthy banana smoothie recipe lets you switch up the ingredients while remaining low in calories and fat.
Fill a blender with frozen blueberries, strawberries, and light cranberry-raspberry juice for a refreshing smoothie. Mix peach yogurt with slices of fresh nectarines, peaches, or apricots for a tasty kick-start to your morning. Blend together flavored yogurt, fat-free milk, and fresh banana and mango for the perfect breakfast smoothie. Kids and adults alike will love this fresh mango and strawberry smoothie with a splash of lime juice. One of THE biggest questions I get is about whether or not diabetics should consume green smoothies.
Fresh, whole fruits, as well as blended green smoothies not only provide a healthy way for diabetics to get more fruits and vegetables in their diet, green smoothies also may help reverse some of the diet and lifestyle problems that exacerbate diabetes, or contributes to its progression.
I have collected countless testimonies from readers here on Incredible Smoothies who have told me about how green smoothies have benefited their diabetic condition.
One of the most striking green smoothie success stories I’ve published on Incredible Smoothies was from a reader named Charles.
These stories are pretty typical of what I hear from type 2 diabetics who start drinking green smoothies.
I can’t precisely tell you exactly what it is about green smoothies that lower (and normalize) abnormal blood sugar in certain individuals with type 2 diabetes. I am Type 2 (since 2008 when I quit smoking and gained 20 lbs), but am NOT on any medications for it, and never have been nor will I be if I can prevent it.

The more careful I am with the ingredients, the less impact green smoothies have on my blood sugar level.
I have home made green smoothies every second day on average, usually for breakfast, as this suits my lifestyle best. I was one of those people who was worried about how my [blood] sugar would react to the smoothies since I am diabetic type 2. After the smoothies, my one and two hour blood sugar measurements never increased by more than 20 points over the before smoothie level.
When I’m truly doing the two smoothies (cacao and green) each day, I can keep my blood glucose down in the normal range for fasting, and about 120 when eating. I try to get in one cacao smoothie and one green smoothie (using spinach, celery, 1 piece frozen banana, spouts, and sometimes part of an avocado) per day.
I have been drinking at least one smoothie per day, and generally two smoothies per day, one at breakfast which includes oatmeal, and one for lunch or supper which includes spinach.
Please share your favorite diabetic-friendly green smoothie recipe using using the comment form below.
As a type 2 diabetic I am always looking for ways to lower and manage glucose and blood pressure. I decided that at 68 I was limiting my years on earth with my family and that was enough motivation for me to take matters into hand. Leafy greens are NOT dangerous, and it’s unfortunate that some misinformed, alarmist people out there have spread unscientific rumors about the supposed dangers of otherwise healthy foods. Medical Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to be used as medical advice or to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. Sneak in baby spinach leaves, pomegranate juice, and protein powder for a super-charged nondairy smoothie that’s low-fat and low-carb. Use whatever berries you have on hand, and don’t forget our secret ingredient: low-fat granola. Add blueberry yogurt to the mix for 9 grams of protein and over a quarter of your daily calcium needs.

Plus, this smoothie has 5 grams of protein and only 23 grams of carb, making it a great post-workout snack. Blended orange juice and shredded carrots provide a sweet breakfast or morning snack for only 55 calories and 13 grams of carb per serving. Strawberry, banana, and vanilla flavors blend perfectly for only 54 calories and 12 grams of carb per serving. Top watermelon puree with a blend of orange juice, cantaloupe, and yogurt for a refreshing two-in-one smoothie.
Blend together apricot nectar, peaches, ice, and carbonated water for an all-natural drink that's as delicious as it is refreshing. I have tested before having a green smoothie in the morning and then went to an exercise class, tested again, and it made blood sugar go into the normal range. Since I have been making green smoothies and eating at least a 50% raw diet raw (fruits and veggies), I have cut my insulin use in more than half!
For the first week, I checked my blood sugar before and one hour and two hours after my green smoothies.
I vary the ingredients, sometimes adding berries instead of apple juice concentrate, and cocoa powder in the morning oatmeal smoothie. There are a LOT of alarmist blogs out there that get attention by making a fuss about so-called anti-nutrients in otherwise healthy food. My fingers were so sore that week but what I learned is that the smoothies seem to have a normalizing affect on my blood sugar level instead of increasing it. They can also inhibit thyroid production, which is already a problem for anyone that is overweight.

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