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Luckily, what with the Vegan Nacho Sauce I developed last week, we're already in pretty darn good shape.
If there's one surefire way to instantly improve your nachos, it's this: start with freshly fried chips. It's actually much simpler than it may seem, particularly if you use a wok for deep-frying. With your chips fried and seasoned (remember to season them the moment they come out of the fryer for optimal salt adhesion), it's time to start thinking about the toppings. Here's the deal: the very first nachos consisted of nothing more than tortilla chips topped with melted cheese and slices of jalapeno. I can imagine a world in which it's possible that a plate of nachos suffers from too great a variety of toppings, but I've yet to see any that have come close to this hypothetical limit.
The key to the Best Basic Guacamole is to pound your aromatics (in this case chilies, onions, and cilantro) in a mortar and pestle with salt to draw out their flavors for perfect incorporation into your chunky avocado base. In my search for The Best Nachos in New York, I came across a couple of trays that came topped with sliced radishes. You don't see radish slices topping nachos all that often, but here's to hoping that it'll become a trend. I use my Best Vegetarian Bean Chili, or actually, a slightly modified version—I halved the recipe and omitted the kidney beans, which gives the finished chili a much easier-to-scoop texture that makes more sense for toppings chips. A must for their clean and refreshing herbal notes, not to mention that they make the plate look all pretty-like. As with radishes, sliced scallions taste their best when they've been stored in ice cold water for 10 minutes or so, which tames their onioniness and adds a crisp bite. I build my nachos up in three layers, topping the bottom two layers with my chili, refried beans, nacho sauce, and black beans—all ingredients that do well in the heat of the oven—and baking them before adding the final layer of fresh toppings. The best nachos I had as a kid were served at this little hole in the wall spot in Santa Cruz Cali.

Make your own cashew nacho cheese sauce, as seen in my -> Ball Park Nachos recipe photos and link. Even the worst—and I'm talking the open-a-bag-of-fritos-and-press-the-button-to-dispense-salty-cheese-like-substance-from-a-nozzle-at-the-back-of-a-7-Eleven kind of nachos—are still tasty on a basic "here's something crispy and salty covered with something gooey and salty" level. Nacho sauce, beans, chili, salsa, or whatever wet ingredients you choose all begin to eat away a chip's crispness. We're pushing the boundaries this time with a whopping 13, nearly all of them existing recipes from our archives. They're a common enough snack at a taqueria, but putting them on nachos is sort of a stroke of genius, their uniquely crisp, refreshing bite perfectly complementing the richer ingredients. Rich, tangy, gooey, and spicy, we use a base of aromatics cooked in shortening, along with ground toasted cashews for body, and pureed potatoes for that gooeyness that most vegan nacho sauces lack. I can't tell you which is more traditional, but I can tell you that I vastly prefer the pickled kind for their good balance of heat and acidity. They served blue corn chip nachos loaded with cheese, beans, veggie toppings and then baked in the oven until the edges of the chips were black-charred and crisp. I think it may be impossible to be grumpy with a perky, cheerful platter of colorful nachos in front of you.
The veggies, sour cream, avocado and such will be chilled or room temperature - so when you bite into those fresh nachos you get a perfect hot and cold sensation. That said, the difference between poor (but still tasty!) nachos and awesome nachos comes down to a few factors, starting with the quality of the chips.
It's inevitable that the last few bites of a nacho pile are going to be a bit soggy—almost chilaquiles-like in texture, but we can do our best to minimize it. These days, it's common to find nachos with everything from pulled pork to chorizo to chili to beans, and to be frank, so long as there's a good balance between flavors and texture—rich elements mixed with fresh ones, crunchy mixed with tender, crisp mixed with creamy—there's no right or wrong way to top a nacho. For the crispest slices, slice them thin with a mandoline or sharp knife and store them in ice cold water.

There's nothing worse than working your way to the bottom of a nacho pile only to discover cold, bare chips.
A restaurant-trained chef and former Editor at Cook's Illustrated magazine, he is the author of upcoming The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science, to be released on September 21st, 2015 by W. And with Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, you have every reason to hop to the store and fill your cart with nacho fiesta ingredients.
For example, they probably assume that you ate said nachos while sitting on a bean bag chair and using an overturned cardboard box as a table, a bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red by your side. Become a fan of The Food Lab on Facebook or follow it on Twitter for play-by-plays on future kitchen tests and recipe experiments. If you're making your nachos in the summer, use the best farmer's market tomatoes you can find. To prevent that, you want to build your nachos in a vessel that's very good at retaining heat—a cast iron skillet or a stone baking dish work well*—and you want to build up your nachos in layers, making sure that every chip gets at least a bit of the toppings. As you eat, the flavors and textures change as the hot and cold mesh to a soft nacho cheesy warmth. A much better solution is this one: Make vegan nachos so damn good that everybody will want to get in on the action, vegan or not. The moisture penetrates the chips and they get kinda soft, soggy and melted - but in a cozy-good, I may need a fork to devour all this goodness - sort of way. These are the things people think about you if you tell them you eat nachos for dinner.But nachos can be classy too! I used this as the filling for my Baked Portabella Taquitos recipe too and I loved it so much that I made a mental note to try it with nachos.

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